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You Want More Love In Your Life or You Wouldn't Be Here. Yet It's Not Love and Be Loved.

Are you ready to heal the heartbreaks of your past and come to love?

Are you looking for answers, or trying to figure out how to finally heal from past trauma and loss to create the life you've been waiting for? 

Welcome to your Path to finally: 

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Let me ask you some questions: 

Are you ready to heal the heartbreaks of your past and come to love?

Are you longing for more love, intimacy and connection in your life?

Were you crushed by a tragedy in your childhood and spent lots of time in therapy healing? 

Have you noticed the way things keep circling around in your life and coming back to haunt you? 

For some of you, it’s kept you unpartnered, doing work that is misaligned, and kept you stuck in patterns of misidentifying your gifts in life.

It’s kept you thinking you’re wrong, damaged, and broken.

What if all of that is not the truth of who you are? What if you did not have to feel stuck anymore? What if this pattern with deep grooves in your brain could shift to something else?

What if living every day filled with joy, love, potency, and power were just down the path a bit….


Would you choose it?

Let’s talk about healing...


Healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again according to Webster. Modern day psychotherapists focus on healing emotions only (I should know, I used to be one of those licensed psychotherapists!)

Talk therapy only goes so far... and the research out there these days proves that. What if healing were 100% possible for you?

What if healing isn’t what you think it is? What if you didn’t have to dive deep into the pain and re-traumatize yourself? What if you could shift the energy using proven scientific techniques (combined with simple energetic modalities) and live a life of ease and joy?

If I can do this, anyone can...

Meet Robyn


After I lost my partner, I didn’t know if I was ever going to be able to love again or even live a happy life.

Truth is, it wasn't just my partner. I was crushed as a child and young adult after losing both of my parents early in life.

Experiencing devastating losses in my life created fear, anxiety, and long-lasting grief that made most days a challenge.

Today, I can honestly say that my life is filled with love and joy. I went from feeling like I must've done something wrong to knowing how amazing I am; and what a contribution I am to the world. I am connected with a global community, I have incredible intimacy in my life. I know the Universe is on my side.

I learned how to THRIVE and not be stuck in survival as so many are. 

After growing up in a family with dysfunctional dynamics and experiencing profound loss, and finding a path to a life of unbridled joy, love, and peace, I am wildly dedicated to creating more Love in the world.

I invite you to join me on this deeply healing and sacred path.



Let's take the first step together…

Robyn’s Credentials
EMDR | Internal family systems | Heart tapping |
Psychotherapist | Intuitive healing
Certified Yoga therapy | Integrated Breathwork | Reiki 2 |
Access Bars | Medical Intuitive
Trauma and Attachment Healing

Heal Your Heart (HYH) is unlike any program I have created before - it is one of the main ways to work with me, as it provides an in-depth, totally different approach to healing from 30 years of personal and professional mastery. 


Twelve Week Deep Dive Into You

What’s Included:

 Heal Your Heart Video Training 

 Weekly QA + Coaching sessions live with Robyn

 Weekly Heart Tapping with HYH coach

 Energy healing every Friday live with Robyn

 Surprise gifts delivered to your door

 Manual with worksheets and journaling to support your process

 Private group for ongoing connection and support


Bonus Library

(Get access to my best content from previous programs!)

 Daily Intimacy Meditations ($108 value)

 50% off one in-person Weekend Retreat ($500 value!)

 Specialty pop-up classes (Priceless!)

 Guest speakers (Priceless!)

 Discounted coaching sessions with Robyn and team ($350 value)

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What makes



This 12-week unique program addresses known and unknown factors in your healing. What does that mean? We’ll be going beyond what you already have heard a zillion times in the world. Yes, we will identify what is stuck emotionally and spiritually. BUT we will also be addressing head on and directly how patterns literally get created and literally get UNcreated! Some of this is neuroscience and you can google all about it! Some of it is energy healing and you cannot google all about it because the patterns are unique to YOU.

The good news is Robyn is a master at identifying those patterns, seeing beyond what can be seen and knowing (with your input, feedback and wisdom) how to clear the patterns so new healthy life-sustaining gifts can emerge.

From there, anything is possible for your life, love and wellbeing. Literally anything.

Here’s What You Will See in Each Module: 

Here’s What People Are Saying… 

Thank you Robyn, I am forever grateful for source guiding me to you and all your love, light, and blessings that has and continues to bring ME "Back to Love"...


You have an unmistakable authentic presence. You are a master facilitator of experience, relationship and intimacy.


Robyn has the unique ability to take a room full of strangers and use love, patience, and gentle prompting to get them to gradually open up to each other, let go of burdens, do some honest sharing, and feel like they’ve made twenty close friends by the end of a weekend. Come Back to Love is just the best name for her work. Robyn radiates love, warmth, and kindness. And yet she is also able to nudge people, with love, just the right amount to allow them to make changes. I left the weekend feeling held by the group, proud of myself for trying some new things, and simply glowing from being surrounded by so much love, connection, and the atmosphere Robyn created for us where it’s o.k. to take chances and grow. I’m looking forward to attending another one soon!


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