Goddess Rising to the Summit 

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All Access Pass Goddesses will have lifetime access to the teachings of the entire summit. That means being able to digest the lessons at your own pace and review them anytime you want when you need the inspiration, support and guidance that they provide.


It also means taking it easy….as the Goddess does.
Taking a deep breath….as the Goddess does.
Paying attention to your body and what it requires…as the Goddess does.


Take in the teachings that Goddess Rising to the Summit provides following your inner rhythm, not rushing through, and allowing yourself to be totally present.  What a gift!


Join 9 of the world’s top experts in creating your magnificent life and not holding back or letting limitations get in your way!

Maureen Whitehouse

Why Honoring the Divine Feminine is the Fast Path to Enlightenment

Maureen Whitehouse is a spiritual teacher and miracle mentor who is an expert on experiencing enlightenment in the midst of “normal” life.

Nina Manolson

Practicing Body Peace

Nina Manolson M.A. NBC-HWC is a Body-Peace® coach. She helps people end the war with food and body and finally feel truly at home in their body—as it is. She is known for her deeply feminist, anti-diet, body-peace approach

Rachael O'Brien

Power and Potency:  Going Beyond Nice Girl

Rachael's target is to empower as many people as possible to know what they know! What would it take for you to know you can change anything in your life that does not work for you? Rachael is a Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness®

Marcy Neumann

The Keys to Accessing the Goddess Within

Marcy Neumann, Rev., RN, CHT, RMT is a professional Energy Healer, Intuitive Counselor and Coach, Spiritualist Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, published author and creator of award-winning healing products.

Penny Goldmuntz

Wisdom of the Crone

Dr. Penelope Goldmuntz is a sexual shamanic healer-coach who blends her passionate belief that sexiness, adventure, and amazing relationships can flourish at any age with her professional experience as a PsyD Psychologist and Registered Nurse.  Her motto is: "Sexy is Ageless."

Liz Varney

Channeled Writing with the Goddess

Liz's services are less about what she calls myself or what we label the session - for her, it is showing up for you with the intention of being in service to your highest good.

Nina Crist

Balancing Power and Grace

Black Belt, Energy Healer, Lover of Life! Feel better than you have ever felt before & receive the loving support you've been craving. Begin with Nina today and immediately feel your energy begin to shift and flow in a whole new way!

Jennilee Porch 

Subtle Energies and Stepping Into Your Power

Jennilee is a Certified Master Coach & Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator. Embodying playfulness as one of the most powerful and potent states of being, Jennilee masterfully calls in the conscious and empowered creator that you already be. What if all of this is way easier and more fun than you have ever imagined? 

Seana Zelazo

The Goddess Inanna

Seana Zelazo is a psychotherapist, intuitive channel and spiritual coach. Seana is able to draw on her expertise in the complementary arts; having studied Shamanic Healing, she is also a Reiki Master, licensed massage therapist, and is trained in Psychosynthesis

With this All Access Pass (to the Goddess inside), you’ll be able to digest lessons further, connect with the speakers better, and make even greater strides in creating the magnificent life you so desire.

Enjoy the best that this once-in-a-lifetime experience has to offer and get your All Access Pass today.



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BONUS Lifetime Access to all sessions for the ENTIRE SUMMIT  


BONUS Wednesday night, June 22nd, Symphony of Possibilities with Dr. Charlie Verge, Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness


And more below! 

Charlie says,What would it be like for you to be able to truly trust you, truly trust that you are not wrong, and truly trust that you can indeed create the life you deserve and desire. What if all the conclusions and definitions you have of who you are way too limiting of who you truly are, and what if all the problems in your life could easily be shifted into greater possibilities for creating a life of joy and happiness. If the idea of this makes you feel even a little lighter and hopeful,  see what could open up for you that you never thought possible before.”


Sex and Happiness Over 60 with Laurie Handlers

Laurie Handlers, author of International Bestseller Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy teaches people ways to increase pleasure and return to love with themselves in this 90-min knock your panties off Video Training!  Enjoy!! And take lots of notes. 

Receive a FREE* signed copy of The Soul Reason: The Human and the Soul

Liz's services are less about what she calls herself or what we label the session - for her, it is showing up for you with the intention of being in service to your highest good.

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Shifting Into Body-Peace

Shifting Into Body-Peace: Video series to help you navigate the Body-Peace map to create a positive respectful and nourishing relationship with food and your body.