Get the inside scoop on the 3 most common obstacles to creating true intimacy with yourself and others

The research tells all and once you're in the know, you will know how to fix it

A 90-min Live Deep Dive with Robyn Vogel for those ready to release the blocks to love once and for all

You don’t need to keep going it alone.


Is this what is happening for you in your love life?


  • You have pretty much given up
  • You have one mini-relationship after the next¬†
  • You‚Äôd rather stay home alone than put yourself out there
  • You have a partner but you feel completely alone anyway
  • You know there's a spiritual path, you're just not sure where to find it
  • Love, what's love?
  • You know it's out there but instead you overwork and pretend you don't have time¬†¬†¬†
  • You wish you could change your situation¬†but thus far, you just haven't been able to
  • Love life?¬† What love life?¬†¬†

I get how frustrating this is. We don't know what we don't know until we know it!  Once you learn the 3 most common obstacles you'll be able to see yourself more clearly. And then you will know what to do to move forward. 

Here’s the thing, you can spend your entire life trying to find and keep love but if you don't know the ONE thing that is blocking you in your the shadows, then you'll just keep spinning your wheels. No fun!   


To be honest, it wasn't until a relationship ended that I found an obstacle I didn't even know was there.  As soon as I discovered it, I began using the tools and clearing the energy. I healed something I didn't even know needed healing! 


It’s very difficult, almost impossible, to make changes to things we cannot see and understand.  Studying the Most Common Obstacles on the Path to Love changed everything for me and hundreds of my clients.    



90-min Live Deep Dive  for those ready for LOVE  in their lives



Most people don’t know that there are hidden obstacles blocking them from love.

I didn’t until someone showed me.

In Internal Family Systems, we call these hidden obstacles, exiles. 

Exiles are unrealized parts of yourself that have remained hidden for many years.


When these obstacles stay in exile they can lead to not opening your heart for fear of being abandoned, a lack of trust, worrying about being rejected, and ultimately feeling unloved.


When you are finally able to see what's been in exile so much more is possible for you.  You can finally move away from patterns that have been keeping you stuck.  

I'm so excited to share this with you!  


Understanding the 3 Most Common Obstacles to Love allows you to...

  • Break patterns of self-protection
  • Release the fear of abandonment¬†
  • Feel safer opening up to connection with others¬†
  • Feel seen, heard and understood by others¬†
  • Get the love is available to you¬†
  • Freedom to express yourself openly¬†
  • Learn how to develop trust¬†
  • Know you are loveable¬†
  • And so much more‚Ķ..


“.....I felt great the rest of the night, very energized actually! I plan on journaling over the weekend and looking up some of those messages I got during this powerful class!"  - VM Jan '24


"A powerful energetic and spiritual journey that has forever changed our lens on love and life. I am humble, I am love, I am full of gratitude.‚ÄĚ ¬† ‚ÄĒ Mitchell Rosenwald, Dec '23¬†

Here’s part of what we'll do together during this amazing class:

Deep inner work to identify one of your main exiles that is an obstacle on your path to love.

Learn 3 of the Most common obstacles on your path to love and how they show up in your daily life. You will learn specific tools to not only identify the obstacles but also what to do to break through them with ease. 

‚ÄčExperience a somatic technique to start embodying the flip side of the block.

"What you’ll be learning in the workshop is powerful tools that will help you move forward in meaningful ways. As always, change is a process: the more you apply the tools you learn and do the inner work consistently, the more results you will see." - Participant, 2023


Live Deep Dive with Robyn Vogel 

  • Live teaching on Zoom
  • Forever replays
  • Discount on Robyn's premier program, Heal Your Heart, launching in May 2024¬†¬†

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Hear from past participants...

'Robyn has a facilitation style that encourages and inspires Love to show up. Her classes and retreats invite Love to come out of its hiding place. I especially appreciate Robyn’s natural ability to read a group and intuitively shift towards the next exercise or experience that wants to happen. And to provide a safe space for that exploration! Thank you Robyn!'

~ Andrew

'Robyn is helping me to recognize the importance of taking excellent care of myself. The experience in the class with Robyn helped me to reconnect with my heart and in turn, I am learning to connect with the hearts of my loved ones.'

~ Beth

'You have an extraordinary gift. Thank you so much, Robyn!! Your classes and retreats have changed my life and my relationship.  We couldn't find our way to our hearts and spent lots of time arguing. I thought we'd probably break up when we met you.  Now we are fully in love, have tools that we actually use when we start to get triggered and I trust now that the relationship is a keeper!" 

~ Cassandra


Recognized as one of the top teachers of the Heart in her community, Robyn is known for providing trauma-informed, heart-centered solutions that are designed to ignite a sense of love, expand the spirit, and heal the past. In a time of fleeting social media interactions, one-hour coffee dates, and a world that looks like it's falling apart, Robyn offers hope, genuine human connection, and inner transformation. 
Participants are enveloped in a warm transmission of Divine Love, absorbing heart-healing wisdom shared by Robyn. Seemingly stuck patterns and wounds from the past can find resolution and peace.  Participants will gain a renewed sense of love, connection and intimacy in their lives, and witness the activation of their own intuitive heart. 
Together, we will experience the power of love in its most transformative form.
Robyn has led hundreds of retreats, workshops, and classes with thousands of participants and clients in the US and abroad.