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Get Ready for a Space of Intimate, Experiential Transformation, where I can be an Intuitive, Attentive, Caring Guide for you no matter where you are on your Journey Back to Love. 


You have worked on yourself! 

Now you are ready to truly master the skills and trust your heart.

Welcome to Master Your Heart - the Come Back To Love® Membership Program  

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Are you looking for the tools, resources, and guidance to finally find the love you are craving?

Are you ready to heal the past, stop repeating relationship patterns, and create the love life you desire? 


Do you want to be part of the inside circle of the Come Back To Love community and continue learning and growing in all areas of love, intimacy and sexuality.   

Support, resources, community, and an even deeper dive will be so helpful to you! 

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 Master Your Heart (MYH) is my flagship membership program where you get to be and stay connected with amazingly passionate, spiritual, open-minded folks dedicated to a life (and a world) filled with LOVE. 


MYH is the main way to work with me directly.  We will have fun together, play together and continue healing together. 


You will have access to the thousands of dollars I spent doing my own healing plus 30 years of professional mastery. 


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What’s Included each month:

 2x Live Zooms with Robyn each month (teachings on LOVE, tantra, intimacy, relationship, healing, dating and more!)

 Free Intimate Puja Circles each month (in-person)

1 x Love Energy Pull 

 Love + Intimacy Challenges and Homeplay

Extensive library with Tantra, Relationship, Intimacy and Sex resources

Special Membership Guest classes  

 Private Forum for Community Connection

 10% off one in-person weekend retreat/year

 Specialty pop-up classes (Priceless!)

 Bonus Gifts along the way

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Let me ask you some questions: 

Have you been hurt by love?

Are you feeling disconnected and lonely in your life?

Are you deeply craving partnership?

(you'd be surprised how many married people also don't feel like they have a partner)

Have dysfunctional patterns been repeating and coming back to haunt you? 


Some of you are feeling stuck and hopeless. 
"I'm never going to find love."
Some of you feel you are broken, wrong, not doing it right. 
"I'll never be good enough." 


What if that is not the truth of who you are?

What if you did not have to feel stuck anymore? 
What if you could get over feeling hurt?
What if living every day filled with joy, love, potency, and power were just down the path a bit ...
Would you choose it?

Meet Robyn


Mastering my heart, and gleaning its wisdom to guide me, has been my life's work. 

I didn’t know if I was ever going to love again after all the losses I experienced.

I didn't know if I could be happy.

I was crushed at such a young age after both of my parents died young.

Today, I can honestly say that my life is filled with love and joy.

I learned how to THRIVE and not be stuck as so many are. 

After growing up in a family with dysfunctional dynamics and profound loss, I found the path to a life of unbridled joy, love, and peace, I am wildly dedicated to creating more Love in the world as a result.




We all want love; we all want more love ... and yet it's not easy to love and be loved. 


 When you learn to love yourself fully, live with a wide open heart, you will attract to you what your heart desires.  

 I am a clinical psychotherapist turned International Love and Intimacy Coach with over 25 years of experience working with couples, men and women.  I am a global transformational workshop leader who has worked with over 2000 people.  

 My programs finally get to the root of how change happens so that couples and individuals can FINALLY heal their heartaches of the past and create healthy relationships going forward. 

Signing Up Is Easy 

Master Your Heart Membership

$97/month (Introductory rate)

What's included

  • 2 x live 1-hour Teaching + Q&A via Zoom with Robyn
  • Free Intimate Puja Circles
  • 1 x Love Energy Pull
  • Love + Intimacy Challenges + Homeplay 
  • 10% off one weekend retreat/year
  • Extensive library with Tantra, Relationship, Intimacy and Sex resources 
  • Special Membership Guest classes 
  • Private Forum for Community connection  
  • Bonus Gifts! 



Join the membership!

Frequently Asked Questions 

People LOVE this community!!! 

Thank you Robyn, I am forever grateful for source guiding me to you and all your love, light, and blessings that has and continues to bring ME "Back to Love"...


You have an unmistakable authentic presence. You are a master facilitator of experience, relationship and intimacy.


Come Back to Love is just the perfect name for Robyn's work. Robyn is able to nudge people, with love, just the right amount to allow them to make changes.


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