Come Back To Love: Intimate Puja Circle

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Date: November 22, 2024

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A Taste of Tantra: The Come Back to Love Intimate Puja Are you craving a deeper connection with yourself and others? Ready to explore the transformative power of Tantra in a safe and supportive environment? Whether you are single or partnered, spiritual or cerebral, everyone is welcome to explore the Come Back To Love Intimate Puja.


What is Tantra, you ask? It's not just about sex; it's a holistic spiritual path that embraces all aspects of life. Tantra invites you to discover profound intimacy, mindfulness, and blissful union with the divine within and around you.


What is an Intimate Puja? In Sanskrit, puja means a sacred ritual, and reverence for the divine aspects of ourselves. During the Puja, we experiment with playful, heart-opening exercises that will quiet the storytelling part of your mind , allowing you to focus on an exchange of energy. If you’re an open-minded, curious individual seeking connection, these sacred practices are designed to help spark your awareness, heighten your senses, and foster nourishing relationships.


How does an Intimate Puja work? The Come Back To Love Intimate Puja offers a gentle introduction to the sacred practices of Tantra, guided by an experienced facilitator who creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all. Whether you're single or partnered, curious or committed, everyone is welcome in our circle of love and exploration.


What happens during an Intimate Puja? We often start with basic breathwork, meditation and visualization exercises designed to connect you with the present moment and sense of self. Then, we’ll establish a container for this safe space to protect the confidentiality of all involved.


Next, you’ll connect mindfully with other participants based on authenticity, vulnerability, and respect using your words and gentle body movements. You also will be invited into experiences of sacred touch to feel into energetic exchanges coupled with a practice of trying out your choice—your yes, no, or maybe in the moment.


The event closes with participants sharing what’s shifted for them that night and often experiencing quite a bit of resonance with each other’s comments.


This is not a typical workshop. At the Come Back To Love Intimate Puja you create your own experience along with guidance. Robyn (and her team) create a warm and welcoming environment. While it may feel sensual, this is not a sexual experience and there is no nudity. Those who come frequently tend to build connections and get together for many types of local events afterward. Participants have shared how this has become an integral part of their self-discovery, personal growth work, and healing. Many move on to join a workshop and weekend retreats.


Ready to give it a try? Haven’t been to a puja in a while? Take the first step by reserving your spot in our next intimate puja (link) and let the magic unfold!


The Come Back To Love Intimate Puja promises an unforgettable experience - the first step on your journey to deep healing, divine connection and true love.


Intimate Pujas are typically held in Watertown, MA (hotels nearby) and exact location will be sent upon registration. 

Questions?  Email [email protected]


This event will sell out. We have opened 40 spaces and after they are filled, we will create a waitlist.  


Covid testing required.

Cancelation policy: 7 day cancelation policy for refund or credit. If sick with covid, flu or other illness, I will refund you if you cancel prior to the event.  

What People Are Saying:

Thank you so much for including me in the Puja circle on Friday. I was amazed at the connection(s) people felt from the beginning of the evening to the end. It was really remarkable and people obviously love you and your energy to make it a fun, explorative and safe place to experience a Puja Circle.

Nancy Michaels, Motivational Speaker - Healthcare Speaker - Business Consultant

$49.00 USD