Heal Your Heart VIP: Pay in Full Option (Save $1000)

This 12-week unique program addresses known and unknown factors in your healing.

What does that mean? We’ll be going beyond what you already have heard a zillion times in the world. Yes, we will identify what is stuck emotionally and spiritually. BUT we will also be addressing head on and directly how patterns literally get created and literally get UNcreated! Some of this is neuroscience and you can google all about it!

Some of it is energy healing and you cannot google all about it because the patterns are unique to YOU.

The good news is Robyn is a master at identifying those patterns, seeing beyond what can be seen and knowing (with your input, feedback and wisdom) how to clear the patterns so new healthy life-sustaining gifts can emerge.

From there, anything is possible for your life, love and wellbeing. Literally anything.

PAY IN FULL TODAY & SAVE $1,000 - Payment options below 

What’s Included:

 Heal Your Heart Video Training

 Bi-weekly Exclusive 1-1 Coaching sessions with Robyn 

 Bi-weekly QA + Coaching sessions live with Robyn

 Energy healing every Friday live with Robyn

 Surprise gifts delivered to your door

 Manual with worksheets and journaling to support your process

 Private group for ongoing connection and support

Access to my best content from previous programs!

 Daily Intimacy Meditations ($108 value)

 50% off one in-person Weekend Retreat ($500 value!)

 Specialty pop-up classes (Priceless!)

 Guest speakers (Priceless!)

 3 Months Complimentary Membership in Master Your Heart ($750 value)


PAY IN FULL and SAVE $1000 


$500 per month for 12 months 

$5,000.00 USD