Akashic Record Reading

An Akashic Record Reading can provide you with the guidance you are seeking as a soul, having a human experience. 

We all get stuck, experience repeated patterns, or find ourselves struggling and having a hard time getting out from under.  

Or maybe you're simply curious about your soul journey and what it's all about! 

We will meet on the phone or zoom and your session will include your reading plus a week of follow-up email for support. 

These are ideas for questions you can ask the Keeper of the Records to respond to: 

  • I would like to understand my relationship with better...

  • Why do I feel this way about this?

  • Why did this event happen in my life?

  • What do I need to help me heal?

  • Why is this person/pet in my life?

  • Why do I keep falling into a this (behavior) pattern?

Please inquire if you have questions.  Prior to our session, I will send you information about how to ask questions of the Akashic and details about what to expect.  

I look forward to serving the highest, together with you.  


$300.00 USD

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