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21 days: Sex Magic & Manifestation


When people hear about the Sex Magic and Manifestation (SMM) class, they think immediately about lust, copulation, sex toys and similar. Although, that can be part of the program depending on your experience or practice – as nothing is excluded – and there is so much more that this program is about.

Don't be confused by the word 'sex' - how does your limited understanding of the word 'sex' impact you in your life?  in your relationships?

SMM provides the oneness - oneness of our connection with the Universe, the energy and our own power and potency to create.

Sure, our bodies are included. Our vaginas, penises, and all the body parts, not excluding any gender - but that's because we are bodies!  And with our bodies, we will create our lives! 

When choice is made from the space of communion with all that is instead of from a limited point of view, then permission to receive and be with everything becomes your reality. You will begin allowing everything to gift and contribute to YOU and your wellbeing.  You will see that all you have to do is ASK!

Ask and you shall receive is true and real.

When we start to create from all of our beings, providence moves. We become free of all limitations. 
How does it get any better than that?

Join us for this SMM-class!

What's included:
-- Introductory class whit all your questions answered.

-- Recordings to use for the rest of your life!

-- Potency of a group practice

-- The possibility of manifesting your dreams!

Learn the ancient and potent practice of sex magic combined with introductory tools of Access Consciousness to create, manifest and actualize the experiences that you and your body would love from this point forward.

Ready to blast yourself into a permanent state of abundance, love, peace, joy and ecstasy?

Totally ready to find your spark, purpose, and passion again?

Romance getting you down? Wish it was lifting you up?

It is time to receive, my friend.

And on a practical level - what are you ready to experience, manifest, enjoy? A new look? Healthier body? Quieter mind? Sexy connections? A new home, pet, partner? Lots of money? A new job?

Then you must be READY for a little sex magic along with powerful modern-day tools of Access Consciousness.  

The calls are ready in your Kajabi Library.