Come Back To Love: Sex Magic and Manifestation


Learn the ancient and potent practice of sex magic combined with introductory tools of Come Back To Love to create, manifest, and actualize the experiences that you and your body would love from this point forward.

This is a link to one FREE CLASS recording from Sept 2022 to get you started on your journey to creating your epic life!

Would you like to experience the most delicious life possible? To discover ecstatic bliss? 

Are you looking to attract a lasting and passionate relationship? Or maybe you want to completely revolutionize the way you feel about your body and your sexuality...while having a ton of fun? Then I’ve got you covered!

Robyn Vogel, has created this unique, modern-day revolution of an ancient practice.  She is offering a FREE MASTER CLASS where we'll dive in and learn how to bring your deepest wants to fruition. 

The Come Back To Love Sex Magic practice is used to bring things to life, such as a job promotion, meeting a new partner, deepening your connection with your body, or sending positive energy to someone who needs it. Simply put, you’re bringing something into being by channeling sexual energy in its direction.

Sexual energy is life force energy and Sex Magic works powerfully to manifest your wants and deepest desires. It requires learning some basic principles, including self-love.

One of the most powerful things we can do is to own our sexuality, step into our power, and not be afraid to use it to manifest our wildest desires.


What People Are Saying:

I wasn't sure about leaving my job but as soon as I stepped into this practice, it became very clear. Now my whole life has changed. I'm doing what I LOVE and having so much fun!! Quite the opposite of the drudgery I was feeling before.


I feel lighter and lighter each time I do this practice!! It's amazing!! It's changing everything!


I have been doing the practice now for six sessions. One thing I have particularly noticed is that I feel a very new connection to myself, my body and my partner.



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