Daily Intimacy Meditation Series

"You knew intimacy was important especially because you were beginning a new relationship with someone you felt had promise/potential for the long term and everyone talks about intimacy but you were like, “I don’t even know what it is!! 

excerpt from one of my upcoming books - 


What is intimacy anyway?  Is it only with another person?

Is it sex or not sex?  

Do you feel open to intimacy or afraid?  How open do you feel you can be with yourself, or another?  
Our entire existence (and therefore, happiness) is impacted by how intimate we are in our lives.  
We can have a partner, two children, a nice home, and even a good job and still feel completely miserable. Why?  Lack of intimacy.  
Come Back To Love®, the name of my business is about coming back to your True Nature - that of unconditional love.  When you're in this pure love state of be-ing your true self, you become magnetized and creating your life becomes ease. 
A daily practice is imperative.  Increase your awareness and expand into a life that is so fulfilling because you are intimate with yourself, your partner, your children, friends and family! 
The Daily Meditation series includes 18 meditations for you to listen to and practice.  You will have the series forever and you can return to it again and again, as needed.  Each time you will learn something new about yourself.  

What People Are Saying:

Each time I listen to one of your Daily Intimacy Meditations, I feel lighter and lighter!!

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