Come Back To Love® Weekend Tantra Retreat: Beyond Emotion

Gate 1: Beyond Emotion

Plainfield, MA 
Feb 14-16, 2025

When it comes to personal growth retreats and intimacy workshops, the Come Back To Love® Tantra Retreat provides a safe container where participants heal their deepest wounds, their blocks to loving deeply, remember their divine essence and become a conduit for love that is ever-present. From there anything is possible... 

Are you ready to take a deep dive into connection, heart expansion, and your fully embodied self? 

Ready to heal your deepest wounds (why not?) and love with a heart-wide open?  

Using earth-based, ancient spiritual practices, principles of psychology, trauma and attachment plus embodiment techniques, we are going to take a deep dive into yourself, community and sacred space together.

Yet-to-be-discovered aspects of yourself may actually be blocking you from living your full potential especially when it comes to love, intimacy and connection.​

This kind of immersive weekend is your most powerful ally in becoming aware of unconscious patterns that are in the way of you creating and enjoying relationships with yourself and others, along with creating greater in the world for YOU!

Come Back To Love® Tantra practices are simple and powerful.

You will discover:

-- A deeper expression of your authentic self

-- How to play open-heartedly like the child you once were and bring that pure, open, joyful, and peaceful self into the present

-- Techniques to release shame and burdens and allow your life to flow with more grace and ease

-- A renewed stance, empowered by the fact that it’s vitally important to give yourself a break in order to allow your whole self to thrive to integrate and bring these new awarenesses into your daily life.

From experiential exercises, including tantric pujas, earth-based teachings, time for reflection in nature, and a group of spiritual soul seekers like YOU, everything will be about your own Awakening.

— Activate your awakened Self

— Release fear of intimacy

— Express and honor the divine masculine + feminine aspects

— Master the art of creating healthy boundaries

— Embrace ecstasy and joy as your birthright

— Ignite intimacy in a conscious community


Gate 1: Healing the deepest wounds that are keeping you fearful and afraid of love and intimacy, will be opened for you. You may be in a transition and not know how to navigate it. You may be disconnected from your self-love, your joy and your sensualness.  This weekend will teach you specific tools to navigate challenging transitions, heal childhood wounds in a gentle, trauma-informed way and teach you a completely new potent and powerful paradigm shift that honestly has the capacity to change everything for the better. Lighten up quicker than you ever dreamed possible.

** Note that you do not have to complete the workshops in order. However, if you are brand new to Robyn and Come Back To Love, Robyn will contact you to make sure the weekend retreat is a good fit for you. 


All of the Come Back To Love® Tantra Retreats incorporate the same principles and overall outcome of creating GREATER FOR YOU in your whole life but especially in the realms of Love, Intimacy and Connection.  



Early/Repeater $697 thru Dec 31

 Reg $797 after Jan 1 

** Private Room add $150 and contact [email protected] for availability

** Split payments are offered below 

• Gourmet meals (locally sourced as much as possible)
• Beautiful shared accommodations in a wooded setting
• Hot tubbing under the stars
• Personal reflection time 
• Cozy spaces to curl up alone or with the group

Discover how the Come Back To Love® Tantra Retreat has helped hundreds like you have all the love they want in their lives (even if they aren't partnered.)



Robyn Vogel has a mission to raise the frequency of love on the planet by inviting everyone to heal their deepest wounds and remember their divine essence. 

Her greatest joy is crafting and curating intimate, soulful, magical immersive experiences where people find the deep love that is ever present inside themselves. 

She travels internationally to share her work with as many who feel drawn to it....those who know there's more than what they are experiencing in their lives right now. 

Robyn has trained therapists, coaches, and counselors, in her unique experiential method which brings the emotional and the spiritual together, to end feelings of unworthiness, lack, disconnection, and depression.

Robyn is known as one of the foremost experts in creating sacred healing spaces for magic to happen.

Thousands of men and women have participated in her Tantra workshops, body-based healing sessions, and intuitive readings, and viewed her techniques through her Facebook and YouTube channels. She’s also been featured as a guest expert in the Boston Globe and on television. 

"I felt like your LOVE was permeating every cell of my body and I could not block it if I wanted to!"   - recent participant 

$697.00 USD

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