Open Monogamy: A Guide To Co-Creating Your Ideal Relationship - Book Club

If this excites you, consider this your invitation to participate in creating your life and relationships in just the way you want them to be. 

What if you had the tools and support to create relationships that contribute to your life in a positive way?  And in contributing to you, the relationship also contributes to your partner, your family and community as well? 

How does it get any better? 

Who is this for?

This is for everyone. You may be thinking this is only for couples, nope. I'd love you to plan ahead for what you want if you're manifesting your partner this year or in the future. 

You may be thinking this is only for couples who are already open in their relating.  Nope.  This is for you if you are wanting to create a relationship that includes more and more of YOU. 

This is for you in whatever relationship form you are experiencing now.....this is for you if you want a creation-ship.  Join me!

Here's my invitation to you


"You don't want to mess up your relationship. You want to love each other with fairness and integrity - because that's what you signed up for. You want to stick with your shared values and be honest about what you want without hurting each other.  But you also want excitement, variety and adventure....." 

-- Tammy Nelson, PhD, author Open Monogamy, Getting The Sex You Want, and The New Monogamy 

What is a Book Club? 

To be clear, we will not be reading every page of this book.  But over the course of 8 weeks, we will touch upon the important, intriguing, instructive, playful, helpful aspects that we choose together. 

We will read together, explore together and ask questions together.  You may even receive some answers. 

Purchase the book in any form that works for you. You can buy the book HERE

Includes a supportive telegram group to converse and share in between classes.

We start April 4 at 6pm EST with our first call. Your time in the world
Call 2: April 11 at 6pm EST
Call 3: April 18 at 6pm EST
Call 4: April 25 at 6pm EST
Call 5: May 2 at 6pm EST
Call 6: May 9 at 6pm EST
Call 7: May 16 at 6pm EST
Call 8: May 23 at 6pm EST

Join me for this adventure into being more of YOU in relationship.

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