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Awaken to Love, Intimacy and Connection

Come Back To Love® Tantra Retreat for Singles

October 4-9, 2023

with Robyn Vogel, MA, 
International Love and Intimacy Coach.

Are you ready for your full potential as a lover, partner and co-adventurer in life? Are you ready to create your playful, purposeful, passionate life filled with love? 

When you are being the Divine Love that you truly are, it's easy to amplify, align, and awaken to the most epic life possible.

If you are traveling solo these days, and not in a primary relationship, this powerful retreat is for you!


  • Are ready to harness the potency and power that is your Divine Self who actualizes all s/he desires in life! Now! 
  • Are ready for more love in your life...more intimacy, more connection 
  • Feel a bit stuck when it comes to meeting your partner (just need a bit of tweaking in a few areas)

  • Feel frustrated by a lack of abundance in your world 

  • Are listening to that negative voice inside too often 

  • IT IS TIME TO CREATE YOUR LIFE...just the way you want it!  And with an Abundance of Love, Intimacy and Connection!  How's that?   


For these reasons and so many more, I invite you to come to the land of LOVE this October - to the gorgeous beach resort town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!   

Yes, I'm in for more LOVE!

Let's Be Together

Each day we will gather to:

  • Learn new empowering tools and practices that open your heart and allow you to manifest your dreams. 

  • Dance and play to raise our collective vibration and have some fun!

  • Connect deeply with yourself and others (sharing our hearts in a safe space.)

  • Remove roadblocks to you living your best life with a partner. 

  • Really get into your bones that anything is possible.

Come Back to Love®

Join Robyn Vogel and learn what it takes to heal your heart once and for all, and open to true LOVE within.   

During this retreat you’ll learn how to go deep into what you’ve been believing, define what you are ready to believe instead, align with your true desires for this life you are living, and become intentional in spiritual practice in order to create for yourself!  

By the end you will be so in love with yourself and you’ll feel your own power and potency to enjoy an ecstatic life from this point forward!

About the Retreat

Begin your day sleepily gazing out the window of your bedroom, sipping coffee with a view of the ocean….wander to breakfast when you’re ready after our morning gentle, yet invigorating yoga class.  

Afterward, gather with fellow participants and enjoy a deep dive into your heart with awe and grace nourished by the sacred oceans and mountains we are surrounded with.  

The energy of Puerto Vallarta is vibrant! 

We spend each morning doing personal growth work together. 

The afternoons are yours to enjoy. Swim in the ocean, snorkel, nap by the pool, go the beach or head into town for some Mexican delights!  Beautiful art, crafts, music, jewelry (silver!) and such good food!

In the afternoon, we will gather for meditation before enjoying a delicious feast from our private chefs!

We will gather for Intimate Puja in the evenings along with other surprise evening activities!   

Do expect some surprises along the way….

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. It is known for its beaches, water sports and beauty. Its cobblestone center is home to the ornate Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church, boutique shops, and a range of restaurants . 

I invite you to join me!


  • 8 – 9 am Yoga class 
  • 9  am  Breakfast
  • 10 am – 12:30 pm Workshop sessions with Robyn


  • Enjoy the many delicious restaurants for lunch each day
  • Personal time and excursions galore!


* All times subject to change 


  • 5 pm  Meditation 
  • 6 pm  Gourmet chef prepared dinner
  • 7:30 pm  Tantra exercises, ritual, and experiences with Robyn & guests 
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What YOU are going to walk away with...

  • You finally get to take time to indulge and pour energy into loving yourself 

  • You will return home feeling more alive, connected, and powerful in your body, ready for your next level of creating your life

  • You will feel nourished, turned on, and inspired; can you feel the expansion already?

  •  You will feel clear of the obstacles, blocks and karmic patterns keeping you closed off to love 
  • You will uplevel your capacity to actualize and magnetize what you desire
  • An incredible amount of tools to use on a daily basis to continue to inspire you and support you
  • The ancient secrets to expand your pleasure
  • You will experience transformation, and beautiful new friendships that only those who come to a retreat like this will understand

If  We Haven’t Met....

International Love and Intimacy Coach, Robyn Vogel, founder of Come Back To Love® crafts and curates sacred immersive experiences for spiritual seekers to know their greatest capacities and create the epic life they dream of. 

Robyn is the go-to Relationship Coach for those who are ready to realize their true potential and live unapologetically the life they create.  

She was chosen as a Guest Expert in the Boston Globe for leading a transformational workshop and was featured in several local newspapers.

Robyn has been a featured expert for Canada’s BBC for the “Art of Flirtation” and was on television as a Tantra Expert for one of Boston’s Cable TV programs, Sex For Her Health and Happiness.  

Robyn has contributed to Redbook Magazine, has been an Intimacy Expert for several podcasts and summits over the years, is a contributing author, and has been a leader in the field for 25 years. 

The Come Back To Love® practice brings light and love into the beings who are courageous enough to step in. From there, creating the epic life you desire is all yours! 

The Details

Your COME BACK TO LOVE® Retreat Package includes: 

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  • Daily personal growth, reflection and guidance with Intimacy Expert, Robyn Vogel
  • Daily Raja Yoga and Guided Heart Healing Meditations

  • 5 nights/6 days in Luxury Villa

  • Daily Gourmet cuisine included (lunch on your own)

  • Vegan and Vegetarian options

  • #1 rated group transport to and from the airport

  • Expert professional assistance planning excursions 

  • Pleasure Evolution bodywork with Rebekah Beneteau (extra fee)

  • Beautiful Luxury Villa

Important Details about Booking

Guest rooms are private or shared bedrooms and bathrooms. We will pair you with a like-minded roommate, or bring a friend/partner and sign up together!  

$1500 deposit holds your spot. Once your deposit is made, we will contact you regarding your balance due.  

Total investment: $2995 per person with double occupancy.  Please inquire for info and rate for a private room.

Shuttle to and from PV Airport is included. 

Airfare is not included.  You need to arrive by 2 pm on Oct 4 so you can participate in the Shuttle to our retreat and your return flight needs to be after 2 pm Oct 9

You may rent a car or find alternative transportation on your own. 

Please ask questions.

Guests are encouraged to stay a couple of days in the area - before or after the retreat, so that the retreat itself can be a time for replenishment, focus on growing, and centering into the experience. If you would appreciate a few insider tips about travel plans before or after the retreat, ideal ways to be in Mexico, and some of the areas to explore, just ask. We are happy to help you make the most of your trip to Puerto Vallarta!


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