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The Come Back To Love® Tantra Retreat provides a safe container where participants heal their blocks to loving deeply and become a conduit for love that is ever-present. 

From there anything is possible...

If you are ready to take a deep dive into connection, heart expansion and your fully embodied self in this SACRED, PLAYFUL LOVING experience, this retreat is for YOU.

Using earth-based, ancient spiritual practices, principles of psychology, trauma and attachment plus embodiment techniques, we are going to take a deep dive into a Sacred temple together.

Here we will heal the gap between what you know consciously and what is not serving you in the less conscious realms. 

These yet-to-be-discovered aspects may actually be blocking you from living your full potential especially when it comes to love, abundance, and life purpose).

This kind of immersion is possibly your most powerful ally in becoming aware of unconscious patterns that are in your way of creating and enjoying relationships with yourself, others, and your own sexuality.

COME BACK TO LOVE TANTRA practices are simple and powerful.


What you’ll discover

A deeper expression of your authentic self

How to play open-heartedly like the child you once were and bring that pure, open, joyful and peaceful self into the present

Techniques to release shame and burdens and allows your life to flow with more grace and ease

A renewed stance, empowered by the fact that it’s vitally important to give yourself a break in order to allow your whole self to thrive

How to integrate and bring these new awarenesses into your daily life.

From experiential exercises, including tantric pujas, earth-based teachings, time for reflection in nature and a group of spiritual soul seekers like YOU, everything will be about your own Awakening.

If you are ready to...

Activate your awakened Self

Release fear of intimacy

Express and honor the divine masculine + feminine aspects

Master the art of creating healthy boundaries

Embrace ecstasy and joy as your birthright

Ignite intimacy in a conscious community



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