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Live Events: Classes & Retreats


Come Back To LoveĀ® Weekend Tantra Retreat: Beyond the Body

When it comes to personal growth retreats and intimacy workshops, the Come Back To Love Ā® Weekend Retreat provides a safe container where participants heal t...


Summer Sexy Intimate Gathering

Ā  Join us for the annual Summer Gathering - party workshop, part relaxing and socializing, 100% Come Back To Love community!Ā  Ā  How does it get any better? ...


Advanced Come Back To Love Intimate Puja

READY TO OPEN YOUR DEEPEST LEVELS OF LOVE & JOY? A Puja, in Sanskrit, means reverence, honor, worship, and adoration. It's used by the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhis...

Online Classes & Private Sessions


Come Back To LoveĀ® Introductory Video Series

Welcome to Come Back To LoveĀ®!Ā  This 4-session video series will open your hearts to new possibilities when it comes to healing your heart and bringing love ...


Creating Your Relationship Future - Energy Pull Series

Is Now The Time To Pull In What You'd Actually Like?Ā Does anybody else feel like old patterns keep repeating themselves? Well guess what... There's something...


Heal Your Heart 6 Month Program

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Products: Calls, Classes & E-Books


Intro: Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Book Club

Take a deep dive into the book,Ā Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality,Ā with facilitation by International Love and Intimacy Expert, Robyn Vogel using t...

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The 5 Elements of Intimacy: Self Paced Class

The 5 Elements of Intimacy will break down intimacy into the concrete and defined aspects of honor, trust, vulnerability, allowance and gratitude, and give y...


Heal Your Broken Heart

Free Video Series Introducing You to the Work of Come Back To Love


Unlock your Sacred Love Archetype

Free Quiz to get to know your True Love Archetype

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