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Life is a pathway to awakening.

No matter what you've experienced in your life that has closed your heart off, I am here to tell you that it can be different.  You don't have to go on being alone, feeling lonely and disconnected.  Love, joy, happiness and even a feeling of ecstasy are available to you. When you learn to Come Back To Love, you will see what I mean. 


Come Back to Love® PRACTICE

Presence is a state being (without doing or thinking) that brings your full attention to your experience in the moment.  Presence is without judgment. Presence is a heightened state of awareness. Bring your heart into presence and you have a recipe for deep connection to all that is.  

ENERGETIC CONNECTION is an awareness of what a connection with not only someone else, but all beings including the Earth, truly is.  Our primary language is energy.  When we turn on our awareness to expand beyond words, we learn so much about our relationships with humans, animals and the Earth.  

allowance is inviting and embracing all that is including as it all shifts and changes.  Allowance is being with the flow of what is happening without resistance or judgment.  Allowance is staying centered and curious and balanced with all that is around you. 

Centered  in your heart is a state of being present and aware of love and aware with love. It is an invitation to yourself and those around you to a feeling of peace, equanimity, loving kindness, and compassion.   

EMBODIMENT  is an awareness of your body as a part of your beingness and your soul.  Your body is part of your soul and being embodied provides you with a relationship with your body that provides you with wisdom and guidance.  

Learn HOW to live and be on a spiritual path (transcending psychology, transcending parts of yourselves that are stuck) so that freedom and joy are what you experience most often.

It is a huge paradigm shift into the infinite being that you are.

What else is possible that you haven’t allowed yourself to dream yet?





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Come Back To Love®
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"This is a woman who’s making the world a better place one heart at a time! Thanks Robyn!" 

Lisa Steadman, Writer, Producer, Best Selling Author


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