About Robyn
Sacred Transformational Workshop Leader, International Intimacy Expert

Robyn Vogel is an international transformational workshop leader, intuitive energy healer, Akashic record reader, and founder of Come Back To Love®. She is an expert in all things intimacy.

In Robyn's words: 

I grew up in the arms of the Jewish hippies in the mid-to-late 1970s. The Reform Jewish youth movement wrapped its arms around me, bestowed love upon me in the form of acceptance and curiosity, and provided a safe community in which I could explore who I was and who I was becoming. We sang, we danced, we ate challah, we kissed and hugged each other. I was very lucky because my home life was full of despair, grief, lies and trauma.

The adults who ran the programs were always available to answer our questions. And what did this teenage girl want to know about? Sex, of course! And God.

Fast-forward 40 years and I would argue that, in many ways, I’ve recreated what I experienced in youth group through my Come Back To Love practice and the workshops I teach.

I hold sacred space for people to gather and learn together. I invite curiosity, acceptance, deep spiritual practice, and teach how to bestow love upon ourselves and each other. I provide an open-hearted and safe place to explore intimacy, healing and deep connection. The only thing we don’t do is eat challah.

The sacred is found in everyday life through the presence of respect, reverence, integrity, and divine love.

May we all know the truth of who we are. I am here to remind you. 

With love and great respect,




She shepherds all she meets and works with to return to a loving connection with themselves that is built on the 5 Elements of Intimacy: trust, respect, vulnerability, allowance and gratitude.

There is much insight, ease and joy to gain while working with Robyn.

For 25 years she’s been expertly facilitating individuals and groups of spiritual seekers. The spirituality of intimacy and love that grounds from within, removes obstacles to knowing your true self. Trusting guidance from the Universe is one of the main themes running through Robyn’s work.


This is a woman who’s making the world a better place one heart at a time!



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