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Are You Really Listening to YOU?

This week has been all about Soulful Self Love. I’m writing to you from the Bedwood Hostel in Copenhagen, Denmark.  What a BEAUTIFUL place filled with vibrancy of life and color, textures, FRESH AIR and lots of water!  It almost looks like Italy here!

Amazing…I hadn’t given much thought previously to traveling to this part of the world.  But a few years ago (once I got over my fear of flying), travel has become a priority in my life and each year, I take a trip.  It’s a passion of mine…

Travel is an act of self-love, especially solo travel.  Keep reading even if you aren’t traveling…

Although the impetus for this particular trip was to participate in my friend’s dream wedding in Sweden, I chose to spend time alone in Copenhagen for the first part of my journey.

I have never hopped on a plane, flown across the ocean, landed in an unfamiliar city w/out a rental car (no car!!) and stayed in a hostel before.  Even in my 20s I think I had more planned out than this.

You see when we spend time alone, we are able to do the ONE thing that helps us to create a peaceful (and therefore LOVING life) — 

*** We are able to listen deeply to ourselves***

How many days do you wake up and do what you do every day?  Set your alarm, get up and take a shower, drink coffee/tea, have breakfast and go to work driving the same route as the day before?  Then you do your tasks, come home, have dinner and go to bed.  

All of that is fine, of course.  We need to do those things and rhythms and consistency are important.

But what about LISTENING to our deeper selves?  Listening to our DEEPER truth?  Listening to our PASSIONS, DESIRES?

When do you create time for that?

You don’t need to leave the country, stay in a hostel in a bunk bed in a room full of fellow travelers (lol) to listen to yourself….but solo travel sure does support deep listening!

Every day I have woken up and paused. In every moment, I seem to be asking myself a question, “So Robyn….what do you want to do next?  What would bring you joy?  What are you desiring right now?  Should I go left or right? To the beach or to the lake or neither?”

Of course I don’t have any “have to’s” for these 2 weeks (except to show up to Eugene and Fia’s wedding on time…well, even that is a choice) — and it’s a great experiment to live this way.  To really hone in on the freedom and spontaneity I’ve been writing about….embodying.  To truly practice the art of self-love in every moment.

I’ve been doing a lot of sitting, gazing, resting, dreaming, writing, swimming, biking, sitting some more…paying attention to my body and what it needs: a shower? a walk? a swim?  food?  what kind?

I am surprised by some of my responses…some of my impulses.  They are so different than they are at home.

I still have 10 more days of this spiritual journey…I look forward to sharing more about how I’ve come back to love with mySELF!

INVITATION:  I invite you to choose a certain amount of time and practice tuning into YOU. Whether it’s a few minutes in the morning for meditation, an hour in the afternoon to intuit what you’re craving, or a half-day self prescribed retreat…or a vacation! 

I’m cracking down on SELF LOVE and I invite you to join me!  I really encourage you to stop, listen and take an action towards loving YOU.  I’d love to hear how it goes. 

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