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A 6-month immersive program for singles.

Ready to dive into the heart of what holds you back from deep meaningful relationship?

Break free from the chains of the past and unlock the love within you.

You want more love in your life or you wouldn't be here. 

Yet it's not love and be loved. 

Are you ready to heal the heartbreaks of your past and come back to love? 



Let me ask you some questions. 

Are you still single after all these years and ready to start exploring the reasons why?

This program is for you.

Do you keep swiping left and right and feel like all the best ones are already taken?

Or maybe you keep repeating the same patterns that have kept you from saying yes to relationship?

This program is for you.

Do you keep attracting the wrong person?  Same issues, different relationship?

This program is for you.

This program will guide you through very specific processes using unique methodology to heal the depth of this pain and free you of past and possible burdens that are keeping you stuck....and single.


   These issues have kept you single and unhappy.

They have kept you thinking you’re wrong, damaged, and broken.

What if you did not feel stuck anymore? Or lonely and disconnected, frustrated or afraid?

What if living every day filled with joy, love, deep connections, and authentic expression were just down the path a bit for you? 

Would you choose it?


Too many programs only address the emotional component of healing. This isn't therapy.  You've tried that haven't you?


And guess what?  You haven’t made the wrong choice by choosing these types of programs in the past (I did the same) but until you address all 4 components of healing, you will not move forward with completely recovering from the trauma, heartbreak, and loss in your life.


You have done a lot of work on yourself already.  You have the capacity to heal, the courage to take the steps necessary and the endurance to go the distance. 

You know how important it is to your life or you wouldn’t be here.  

I call this sacred and deeply healing journey:

Come Back To Love 


Next Program Begins February 2025

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Does this sound like you?

 You are done wasting time, you’re not getting younger

 You are done not having love in your life 

 You are done not having a community of loving and supportive folks 

 You are done sitting around waiting for something to happen

 You are done feeling lonely and sad when everyone else is out having a good time 

 You are done feeling afraid that love will never knock on your door 

 You are done worrying that relationship just won’t ever happen for you 

 You are done not being loved, not loving another and not having enough intimacy in your life

 You are done not treating yourself well, not loving YOU, and not being who you truly are!

I invite you to 

Beyond the Emotion

Heal Your Deepest Wounds 

Healing the deepest wounds that are keeping you fearful and afraid of love and intimacy, will be opened for you. You may be in a transition and not know how to navigate it. You may be disconnected from your self-love, your joy and your sensualness.  This in-depth section will teach you specific tools to navigate challenging transitions, heal childhood wounds in a gentle, trauma-informed way and teach you a completely new potent and powerful paradigm shift that honestly has the capacity to change everything for the better. Lighten up quicker than you ever dreamed possible.


Beyond the Mind

Transform the Patterns That Keep You Stuck

This section has a specific focus on habitual patterns that keep you stuck, limiting beliefs that don't let you go beyond self-imposed, family, and culturally-imposed barriers. Beyond the Mind will teach the principles of neuroscience so that you can take your healing to a much deeper level.  Tantra-informed neuroplasticity tools will enable you to shift ancient stories stuck in your history and your body and make space for NEW healthy uplifting, life-giving awareness. 


Beyond the Human

Gain Insight into Your Soul Journey


This section of the program has a specific focus on the Soul's journey. Maybe you are struggling to understand what on earth is going on as you look over your life thus far. Why have you had so many heartaches, losses and trials to navigate? What is it about you and your life that this is happening? Are you doing something wrong? You may not know this yet but connection to your unique soul journey is one of the most important tools to keep you sane in this ever-changing world. Learn about the Akashic, soul journey, past lives and gain a broad and understandable perspective on your life. This contributes so much to your growth!


Beyond the Body

Stop the Judgment and Fall In Love With You 


This part of the program is designed to be a powerful step forward to reconnect with your body. How do you include your body in your decisions each day? Is it a challenge to access feelings and emotions? Do you spend much of your time thinking and overthinking? Did you know that dropping into your body and befriending your body is the medicine you require to love yourself fully, access and express your authentic self, and live more freely than you can imagine? We will specifically focus on connection with your body, pleasure, eros, and more. Come play!

When you learn exactly how to create a life filled with love, intimacy and connection by healing fully from the heartbreaks of your past, you will experience profound transformation, will be poised to change your life going forward while also experiencing a potency of self love like never before! doesn't have to be so heavy in order to be meaningful and powerful. We are also going to have fun, laugh a lot and enjoy ourselves!

Robyn's Story


After experiencing so many losses early in life, I didn’t know if I was ever going to be able to love again or even live a happy life.

I thought happy lives were for other people...not unlucky people like me. 

Experiencing devastating losses so early in my life created fear, anxiety, and long-lasting grief that made most days a challenge.

Today, I can honestly say that my life is filled with love and joy. I went from feeling like I must've done something wrong to knowing how amazing I am; and what a contribution I am to the world. I am connected with a global community, I have incredible intimacy in my life. I know the Universe is on my side.

I learned how to THRIVE and not be stuck in survival as so many are. 

After growing up in a family with dysfunctional dynamics and experiencing profound loss, and finding a path to a life of unbridled joy, love, and peace, I am wildly dedicated to creating more Love in the world.

I invite you to join me on this deeply healing and sacred path.



Let's take the first step together…

Let’s talk about healing...


Healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again according to Webster. Modern day psychotherapists focus on healing emotions only (I should know, I used to be one of those licensed psychotherapists!)

Talk therapy only goes so far... and the research out there these days proves that. What if healing were 100% possible for you?

What if healing isn’t what you think it is? What if you didn’t have to dive deep into the pain and re-traumatize yourself? What if you could shift the energy using proven scientific techniques (combined with simple energetic modalities) and live a life of ease and joy?

If I can do this, anyone can...

"Heal Your Heart (HYH) is unlike any program I have created before"

HYH is one of the main ways to work with me as it provides an in-depth approach to healing stemming from 30 years of personal and professional mastery. 


The Heal Your Heart program is a comprehensive journey for those who are ready to go deep and finally heal; those who have done self-growth work and desire to go deep in safe and sacred ways, this program is for you.

This is what previous Heal Your Heart participants discovered:

Healing Past Wounds
Each of us carries wounds from past experiences ‚Äď heartbreaks, betrayals, and disappointments. These wounds can create walls and barriers to intimacy and trust in relationship. By embarking on the healing journey, you can confront these wounds with compassion and courage, allowing yourself to release old pain and open your heart to love.

  Self-Love and Worthiness
Loving yourself is the foundation of all healthy relationships. When you cultivate a deep sense of self-love and worthiness, you no longer seek validation or fulfillment from others. Instead, you approach relationship from a place of wholeness, offering love freely without expecting anything in return. 

  Emotional Resilience 
Building emotional resilience is crucial for navigating challenges that arise in relationship. Through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection, you can develop the inner strength and clarity needed to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and weather the storms of life together. This is such a relief when you have the skills and tools.

Authenticity and Vulnerability 
Authenticity and vulnerability are the cornerstones of deep connection and intimacy. When you do your inner work, you gain the courage to be truly yourself in relationship, sharing your joys, fears, and insecurities with openness and honesty. This vulnerability creates a safe space fostering connections built on trust.

Manifesting True Partnership
By healing your heart and embracing your true self (flaws and all!) you align with the frequency of love and abundance, allowing you to attract a partner who resonates with your highest values. Instead of repeating patterns of attracting a mis-aligned partner, you can magnetize relationship that aligns and supports you on your journey.


Next Program Begins February 2025

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‚ÄúThe program gifted me with a spacious opening and leaning in versus the contraction and struggle I had been experiencing.‚ÄĚ

¬†‚ÄúConnection to an exiled inner part that is showing me she is ready to be seen and the powerful impact of this on my continued healing journey.‚ÄĚ

¬†‚ÄúMeditative experience that birthed a beautiful and important question for me to hold:¬† What would it require for me to live in ease instead of fear?‚ÄĚ


The Heal Your Heart is a comprehensive journey for those who are single and ready to look more deeply at what is going on that is keeping you from relationship. It's also for those who have done personal work and desire to go deep in safe and sacred ways. 



 25+ Hours of LIVE Sessions 

Tuesdays at 12 noon eastern

Solid content, transformational experiences 

QA + Spotlight Coaching 


   3-Day In-Person Retreat with Robyn 

Yes! We get 3 days together to go EVEN deeper 

so that you can heal even more 

   20+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Training

Exclusive training content just for you.

Reinforce all of what you are learning in the program

 Private Forum Off Facebook

Connect and stay connected throughout the entire 6 months 

Ask questions, get feedback and ongoing support 

Beautiful Printable Manual 

Personalized exercises just for you

Take notes, create your journal

Document your progress



Manifesting Miracles with Scottie McClure 

As a Tantra Educator and founder of Ecstatic Hearts‚ĄĘ. ScottieO's teachings are a testament to the profound power of love and abundance.

With infectious enthusiasm, he'll show you how to manifest daily miracles, including a wealth of financial abundance if that's your desire.

Energy Mastery with Lisa Campion 

Are you an empath who often finds themselves overwhelmed by the world's energy and those emotional energy drainers in your life? Well, here's the good news: you are an empath, and in this 4-hour gifted class you'll discover how to transform sensitivity into a source of strength, allowing you to step confidently into the world.

Awaken Your Soul's Journey with Angela Clement

This high-level, honest training calls you to a journey of healing and transformation. Angela's wisdom is like a soothing balm for the persistent ache of grief. Through her meditations, you'll embark on a daily ritual of self-discovery and healing, guiding you from the shadows of sorrow to the dawn of hope.

What makes



This unique program for those who are still single and yearn for partnership addresses known and unknown factors in your healing. What does that mean? We’ll be going beyond what you already have heard a zillion times in the world. Yes, we will identify what is stuck emotionally and spiritually. BUT we will also be addressing head on and directly how patterns literally get created and literally get UNcreated! Some of this is neuroscience and you can google all about it! Some of it is energy healing and you cannot google all about it because the patterns are unique to YOU.

The good news is Robyn is a master at identifying those patterns, seeing beyond what can be seen and knowing (with your input, feedback and wisdom) how to clear the patterns so new healthy life-sustaining gifts can emerge.

From there, anything is possible for your life, love, and wellbeing. Literally anything.

You have an unmistakable authentic presence. You are a master facilitator of experience, relationship and intimacy. AND, I met my beautiful life partner, Maria, thru working with you.

Thank you so so much!!


Next Program Begins February 2025

Join the wailtlist to stay up to date on launch details 

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 What's Included

  • 25+ hours of LIVE Sessions with ROBYN¬†

  • ¬†Tuesdays at 12 noon eastern

  • ¬†Solid content, transformational experiences¬†

  • ¬†QA + Spotlight Coaching¬†

  • ¬†3-Day In-Person Retreat with Robyn

  • ¬†20+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Training

  • ¬†Exclusive training content just for you.

  • Beautiful Printable Manual¬†

  • Private Forum Off Facebook

  • ¬†Q&A Sessions for feedback and ongoing support


Plus You Will Receive These Amazing Bonuses 

  • Manifesting Miracles (including money!)

  • ¬†Energy Mastery¬†

  • ¬†Awaken Your Soul‚Äôs Journey¬†

  • ¬†VIP¬†Opportunity¬†to Come Back To Love¬ģ¬†Destination Retreats¬†¬†

  • ¬†Come Back To Love¬ģ¬†Weekend Retreat included

Meet Robyn


Recognized as one of the top teachers of the Heart in her community, Robyn is known for providing trauma-informed, heart-centered solutions that are designed to ignite a sense of love, expand the spirit, and heal the past. In a time of fleeting social media interactions, one-hour coffee dates, and a world that looks like it's falling apart, Robyn offers hope, genuine human connection, and inner transformation. 

Participants are enveloped in a warm transmission of Divine Love, absorbing heart-healing wisdom shared by Robyn. Seemingly stuck patterns and wounds from the past can find resolution and peace.  Participants will gain a renewed sense of love, connection and intimacy in their lives, and witness the activation of their own intuitive heart. 

Together, we will experience the power of love in its most transformative form.

She has lost count of how many couples have come together because of the classes, retreats, and worshops she facilitates.  It's such a joy!  There's even a baby as a result of Come Back To Love!

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