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Harmonizing Breath

* Adapted from Charles and Caroline Muir's Conscious Loving

Set aside 10-15 minutes to do this exercise. It's nice to do it before sleep but it is also a lovely way to begin the day!

The position for Harmonizing Breath is good old-fashioned spooning.

Start with the woman lying on her left side and her partner lying behind her.

Since the partner in back will be the giver (though you'll both rebalance your energy through this exercise), the man should snuggle in close behind her, lining his chakras up with hers: heart to heart, belly to belly, and so on.

Both partners should use pillows to add comfort for their head, neck, and shoulders high enough so the man can slip his left arm under the woman's neck and bring his hand to rest lightly on the third eye chakra of her forehead or the crown chakra at the top of her head.

The man's right arm should cradle the woman, with his hand over her heart; she should rest her hand on top of his.

After a few moments, move into the "harmonizing breath" like this:

1. Notice your partner's breath, and begin to synchronize with it.

2. Inhale together, pause together, exhale together, and pause again.

3. As the woman inhales, she focuses on accepting energy through her back into all of her chakras; as the man exhales, he concentrates on sending energy out the front of his body and into his partner.

When you're ready, you can focus on each chakra - charging each one up one at a time. Simply focus on one chakra (heart, for example) -- rest your hands on the receiver's heart and practice Harmonizing Breath for a few minutes before moving to the next chakra.

Relax feeling back in rhythm together.

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