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I’m feeling sad. It’s time for all of us to wake up!

I had an experience this past week speaking with a woman that woke me up even more to the epidemic of self-lack (instead of self-worth) that exists in our world today. 

She is where I was years ago and I honor and respect that despite my wish for more for her. 

“When a woman honors herself, all women collectively move closer to becoming what they’re truly capable of being.” – Madisyn Taylor, Daily OM

We are all moving at our own pace on our spiritual journey towards love.   And yet, there are often things in the way that we cannot see, or don’t want to see that block us from seeing who we truly are.  

Actually now that I am writing, I had TWO experiences with women last week where they could not see their beautiful, soulful, awake, goddess Selves.  I know it’s hard to see ourselves from the outside but it’s so damn obvious to me!!! I wish it were obvious to them. 

Both, in their own ways, are struggling to stay alive. Literally. 

So despite having the utmost respect and honoring of everyone’s life journey (and the pacing) I feel sad. 

I feel sad because I know what it’s like to accept the crumbs instead of the low hanging fresh, beautiful and healthy ripe FRUIT! 

I know what it’s like not to love yourself….I know what it’s like to spend ridiculous amounts of time and energy judging your body, judging the success of others, judging the “have” versus the “have not” – my friend Nina calls it “compare and despair.”  

I don’t know about you reading this, but when I turned 13 I had ONE message in my head (and this is absolutely NO JOKE), and it was this:  Time to judge myself against other girls. It is all about how I look.  

EEK!  Who told me that?  It was like in the drinking water….

That message continued for way too many years….continued into my adulthood and kept me stuck in a place of self doubt and lack for many years. 

Even now as I traverse the middle part of my life and growth is happening with leaps and bounds, I still find a shadow of self-doubt; or a residual judgement lingering that needs my attention….but when I think about the woman I spoke to last week my whole body wants to CRY OUT –


Because when we aren’t loving ourselves we accept all kinds of things:  Being taken advantage of financially, sexually, emotionally, energetically. We accept the despair of being not good enough. We block our capacity to receive all that we deserve to experience in life. We stay small and isolated. We lose our power. We don’t experience our true selves: 


Maybe take a moment and read that again above. In what ways have you experienced those tragedies?  

I’m done with them.  Jeff Brown said it really well this morning and I posted it on FB here.  Scroll to Saturday’s posts and you’ll see what he said about LOVING OURSELVES. NOW.  

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