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If you knew me you would know

Guest post by: Debi O'Brien

If you knew me, you would know that ...

Recently, I attended a Come Back to Love workshop with Robyn Vogel where we were given this question to answer and share with others. This question was so powerful for me, not only to look at what I would share but also to examine what I believe is important to share with others. Last but not least what I am keeping hidden. Lots of different energies showed up here.

So, if you knew me you would know that I believe stress is avoidable, changeable, and not a necessary evil we need to bear. I know that when we go into moments of stress, if we can be present, recognise we are 'stressing out' and identify what is causing it, we can change the impact on our bodies and life.

If you knew me you would know that for many years, I was at the effect of stress, and it almost became an embedded coping mechanism. That moving from just 'living' with it to actually being in control to living a life beyond stress is my reality. Once I didn't have it in my everyday life, I felt empowered and able to wake up each morning knowing it's possible to achieve what I would like to, each day.

We know that stress is easily caused by any number of triggers including

  • you made a decision and nothing better will show up;
  • a belief there is no one to support you, you have to go it alone;
  • feeling you're responsible for an outcome and aren't sure you'll deliver;
  • the fear there will be negative consequences if you get it wrong;
  • doubt in your capabilities and not able to ask for help;
  • the overwhelm of demands on you, your time and can't deliver on expectations.

These effects are very often not anyone's fault but rather just symptomatic of a lack of belief in ourselves or the inability to be vulnerable enough to ask for help. Most of us are aware this will show up for us as us being perceived as not good enough. (by others and ourselves 😂)

Other times it may simply be working with, or for, someone who is unreasonable. Someone with expectations that are unrealistic and unachievable. When we have the ability to be able to stand up for ourselves, to be present and remain objective and clear minded - this is what can make all the difference.

Combating the effects of stress will give clarity on what the next steps could be to create something different. To plan for the future, find a solution rather than keeping us stuck in the moment is where stress has an impact on our body.

  • If you knew me you would know that I am fully aware that we don't live in a utopian environment where we can say that stress will not show up for us as there are so many moving parts in life. That I do know is that when you have access to tools that can help you recognise stress, change the impact of it on body and choose to go beyond it that will create a greater life.
  • If you knew me you would know that I practice what I preach and I use tools to combat my stress zone when it does show up. I have my Bars run each week and throw in a body process as required. I live in the question as much as possible, I follow the energy and I'm so happy to be bringing consciousness to the world of business too.

You would know that I KNOW the future of a holistic solution, body, mind, and soul in all aspects of life brings so much joy, space and happiness. This is possible and I wish this knowing for everyone, including you.

If you are interested in actualising the same Relax. Receive. Reset. formula in your everyday business or like to change some stress with an online session let's talk.

If you knew me you would know that I have a life goal to contribute to people and their businesses and love connecting. Please do!

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