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Let’s Talk Energy!

Let’s talk energy. Whether you are someone who has a heightened sense of energy, or not, energy is truly our primary language.⁣

It is the way we communicate with each other. We may think we are using words – and words are important – but energy is really truly what we use to connect, share, experience life and each other. There’s so much energy behind the words you use and as humans we feel it all.⁣

Emily Evans Russell who is part of the Access Consciousness® leadership offers something called “energy shopping.” It’s a wonderful process to help you answer the question – “what kind of energy do I CHOOSE each day, in every moment?”⁣

When you open your eyes in the morning do you greet the day and ask for a certain energy that day?⁣

How do you choose the energy in your life? Do you even choose for yourself? What energy do you bring to your business? Your romantic life? Your finances? Your home? ⁣

You’ve probably never even thought about it as a choice! Most people react to what’s outside of them without realizing they can choose differently.⁣

The good news is you do have a choice. ⁣

We humans are masters at manipulating energy. ⁣

There are several tools I’ve been using this past year to become more aware, and specific practices to bring certain energies into my life.⁣

I love a sense of freedom and flexibility. I love to be playful and have fun. I love the energy of gratitude!⁣

What about you?⁣

Here’s to choosing!

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