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What is Truly LIGHT for You?

What’s true for you is light, what’s not true for you is heavy. But do you know what is truly light for you? ⁣

We get used to who we are. Everything is familiar. When you wake up each morning, you see the same furniture, colors and people in your home. You smell the same smells (and you might not even recognize them.) You go to your same office (even if it’s in the next room.) And you likely do many of the same things over and over and over again….⁣

It’s familiar. It’s therefore comfortable (even the daily discomforts you feel are comfortable because they are familiar.) It’s what you’re used to. ⁣

So how do you know if it what you are doing, wearing, playing with, working on, being with is TRULY LIGHT for you? Or if it’s heavy which means it may not be your thing?⁣

It takes a LOT of conscious awareness to know. It takes slowing wayyyy down and listening. Listening to the whispers. Listening to the energies. Listening to your body. Seeing/feeling the lightness (or the heavy.) ⁣

It’s not easy but it is simple! And so powerful to be able to tell. ⁣

When you ask yourself the question, “Is this light for me or heavy?” you will always be provided with a response that gives you the information that you need.⁣

Trying to figure out if a relationship is right for you? Or a new potential partner? A new home? Or a new job situation? ⁣

Learning what is truly light for you is a step on your path towards being more of yourself. ⁣

And I like that 😊

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