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One Tantric Remedy to Relieve Stress Now

Are you tired? Have you been going and going nonstop this year?

When was the last time you made love with your partner (or yourself)?

I’m going to teach you the most valuable tool for handling stress. Ready? STOP.

Yes, you read correctly – STOP.

It’s an energetic thing. It is not easy to slow down when the world around you is moving faster than the speed of light. It is not simple or you would not be tired.  And the exercise below it is not what you think — it is deeper, and more subtle, and wayyyy more powerful.

Being present and “in the moment” has become very cliche but few people have actually had an experience where all that exists in their mind, body and heart is this moment, or this breath. It is a practice but it also requires a great deal of mental stamina ‘not’ to think about the past or the future. Most of us bring the past and the future right into our present moment – usually filled with some fear or anxiety.

If you are living in the northeast these days, you have been bombarded with the inconvenience of snow, narrow roads, traffic, cancelations, rescheduling. Most people are feeling claustrophobic, stir crazy and down-right depressed. Most people are feeling stressed and thinking about spring and warm weather.

This Tantric remedy for stress will bring you peace and deep relaxation.

It is an experience. Ready?

You see I have a tendency to put out a lot of energy. I am passionate about my life, my children, my work — pretty much anything I put my heart into, I am passionate about. And I learned early on to put energy out but what I did not learn was how to replenish that energy. And that leads to exhaustion, fatigue, over eating, under sleeping, and being out of balance.

Here is how to actually STOP (my teacher Dawn Cartwright taught this to me — I believe the roots are in Osho’s teachings.)

Practice the following steps below and trust me, they do work:

#1.  Sit down and take 3 long deep breaths. As you breathe in, gather your energy up — bring it all back inside you.  You do not have to know what I mean — just hold the intention and it will work.

#2.  When you feel yourself more connected to your core, take a few more breaths— in through your crown chakra (top of your head) and bring your breath down through your body all the way to your feet. Do that a few times.

#3.  Now you are invited to practice STOP by doing the following very slowly as if part of a walking meditation:  walk from room to room keeping a soft gaze; stop at the entrance to each room before entering and tell yourself STOP. Stand at the doorway, breathing deeply and come to a place where your entire body does not feel like it’s going in to the room or coming out of the room.  Just stand there, still, with no place to go – not forward, not backward. Just STOP. Breathe.

#4.  Practice #3 above in every room in your house.

#5.  Do this every day for a week and let me know how you feel.

When you feel overwhelmed, busy, tired, and wondering how you’re going to get everything accomplished — remember STOP. It’s a life-saver! Truly.

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