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S-P-O-N-T-A-N-E-I-T-Y = Self Love

This week my theme is


I shouldn’t say this “week” because my assistant who is likely reading this knows that I declared this year, the year of SPONTANEITY way back in December of 2018.

It’s taken me about 6 months to slowly release my hold on planning…..and yes, I’m still letting go.

First, I will say that SPONTANEITY is one of the # 1 ways to LOVE YOURSELF.  Why?  Simple!  Because when you act spontaneously, you’re responding to your inner guide and not outer circumstances, or pre-determined whatever.  

When you take a moment and Pause, Ask and LISTEN (PAL)….you receive the guidance you need to follow your true north in that very moment.  Completely spontaneous is the opportunity.  

Well most of you know that I work with clients 1-1 and also in groups and that “requires” planning!  As soon as we finish our session, we set up the next time….OR we already know because it’s been pre-scheduled for months or years ahead of time!  (no joke)

I put “requires” in quotation marks because guess what? This is actually a societal norm made up by Someone.  That Someone likes to plan, likes to know ahead of time, thinks it’s “good business” to schedule ahead, to feel secure about what’s coming and actually feel secure that SOMETHING’s coming!

Well…as I mentioned I had my Akashic records read (for the 2nd time) and one of the keepers’ invitations was to question everything Question the societal norms that were created FOR me but not BY me.

Interesting, huh?

Hard to wrap your mind around, yes?

It’s taken me a while because I feel so outside of societal norms sometimes (as I mentioned a few weeks ago) but now I’m looking deeper.

Who says I can’t be more spontaneous?  Who says I need to plan ahead?  Who says I need to pre-determine my classes, sessions, etc, etc, etc.?

Well…yes I know that you may write back to me and tell me all the reasons I SHOULD.  I hear your voices already.  

But I’m a deep quest towards the DEEPEST and PUREST SELF LOVE inside me that I can experience.  And spontaneity has been a big part of it this year…so far.

(By the way, If you’re one of my current clients, please don’t worry. I’m not going to throw our schedule to the wind. I’ve got you…..I’m here. I honor and respect our time.)

But I did decide something this morning:  That for every social invitation I get, I will respond with, “I’ll let you know when it gets closer.” 

Then….I will allow myself to see how I feel; see what’s happening with my daughter, my son, the weather, my heart, my energy, my needs….or simply PAL “Pause, Ask and Listen” and then follow the guidance I receive about that invitation.

I’m going to practice this now.  I’m going to tell my friends, colleagues, partners, etc that I’m practicing.  And then I will see and likely receive —even MORE of what I TRULY want.  Along with that, I’m feeding my sense of FREEDOM (another theme for 2019.)

Free to choose – in the moment = SPONTANEITY.

Big stuff. I’m cracking down on SELF LOVE and I invite you to join me!

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