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Seeing the Beloved in Everyone

Do you have to BELIEVE that everyone you come across with is a potential life partner? Or best friend?  Or lover, beloved in order for this practice to work?  

Well, YES.  But also NO.  In some way, this is a "fake it 'til you make it" practice.  Because OF COURSE you don't fully believe that everyone in the workshop room is potential lover of yours.  Not if you ask and respond with your mind, with your thinking/assessing/judging mind.  

But if it were really, 100% true?  Then what?  How would you act in that room?  How would you feel about yourself?  Would you:

  • Feel more relaxed?  Less anxious about making a connection with someone?
  • Stop worrying that all the good ones are taken and know that "yours" is right around the corner?
  • Feel exuberant, ecstatic, gleeful that everyone you meet in that space was an opportunity for something interesting to occur?  
  • Feel confident to initiate a conversation, ask for what you want? 
  • Say "no" with ease?  And "yes" with ease?

The thing is that we are all invited to Be Love in every moment; we are "charged" with it.  But something stops us.  We worry about being judged, we're afraid people aren't going to like us, we are afraid of being honest, we get scared, etc.  

When you're surrounded by love (which this practice brings right to you), you become who you truly are....because there is no reason to be anybody else!  No need to impress, to say the right thing, to pretend to be someone you're not. 

So again...

I invite you to continue practicing seeing the beloved in everyone. When you jump to judgment or assessment of someone else, you are immediately taken out of love.  This will immediately block you from getting the love you want in your life. 

Fake it till you make it....and you WILL MAKE IT.  

For those of you that come to the Intimate Puja Circles, how does this help you frame them differently? 

I'm curious to hear!

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