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The Next Step In Loving YOU….

This week my exploration is a bit more tender. Let’s go back and review abundance for a moment, though, since it’s been a few weeks. 

Since we now know that abundance has everything to do with self-love and nothing more…it’s important to explore how you are, or are not, loving yourself fully. 

What would it mean to embrace every single aspect:  the light, the dark, the shadow, the challenges, the celebrations?  

Embracing it ALL means, RECEIVING all of who you are.  And when we are open to receiving all of who we are, we are open to RECEIVING all of who we are…..our abundant selves!  

For years, I thought I was receiving but I wasn’t…I was pouring energy OUT to others. I’m a generous, open-hearted person who cares about others and I like to give when I can.  But I was going overboard and to be honest, I’m still reeling it in.  It’s MUCH better than it was before though…and I
truly feel the energy of receiving predominantly.  And I know what it’s like to fill my cup and give from the overflow.  

So in order to fully receive what we can in our lives, this is the place to look first. I know I said I had a part 2 to share but we cannot possibly jump over this most important piece.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself (that I ask myself every day) –   I suggest you take out your journal now and write these down. 

1.  Are there places in your life that are draining your energy?  If so, what can you do about them right now?

2.  Is there anything, or anyONE, you are waiting for?  If so, stop waiting, tune in and move forward from your heart. 

3.  Is there something (or someone) you’ve attracted into your life that is not giving but manipulating to receive?  If so….well, you know what to do here….

4.  Are there parts of your body, or your life, that you are still judging?  Not forgiving?  Afraid of?  Write these down in a journal so you can track them….

This is a good next step.  Self love is obviously a deep, life-long journey. This is an inventory to get you started however….to begin to take a deeper look at what’s happening inside.

If you don’t have what you truly desire in your life, or if you’re wondering why you keep attracting the wrong guy, or the job that’s not quite right….the first place to look is INSIDE.  What beliefs are still lingering? Are you truly ready to receive?  Are you fully loving YOU?  

This just skims the surface but you can take it as deeply as you wish…..  

I’m cracking down on SELF LOVE and I invite you to join me.

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