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Universe, allow me to allow you

This week in one of my Access Consciousness classes we were talking about one of the 5 elements of intimacy: ALLOWANCE⁣

My daughter is in a big huge mystery right now. She’s struggling, like many of us would, with not knowing. She wishes she “knew” even if she didn’t like what she heard. ⁣

I’ve been slowing down lately and in that learning more about my energy and how I deal with not knowing…or being in the mystery. Even for 10 seconds!⁣

They say that every 10 seconds we can make a new decision; choose something else. Decide to turn right. Or left. Doesn’t matter….just make a different choice every 10 seconds. If you want to.⁣

In those 10 second increments of time, now that I’ve slowed them down (because I’m paying attention), I can feel discomfort. I can feel a desire to “know” and with that….I have a choice.⁣

I can reach for another snack to distract me or I can be with the discomfort and ALLOW for 10 seconds. Can I allow anything for 10 seconds? Pretty much, yes. ⁣

(After childbirth I think most women feel like they can allow almost anything….but do we??)⁣

The prayer this week that came to me in the Access class was, “Universe, allow me to allow you.” ⁣

Allow me to be in the flow with what is, including discomfort, and allow the consciousness of the Universe to direct my life.⁣

My daughter is learning such a big lesson at 18. I’m learning it at almost 56. But I will say that it’s one of THE MOST IMPORTANT lessons we can learn.⁣

I am not in control of everything. My energy does impact my life and what actualizes for sure…..’and’ the form it takes, or the path to get there….that’s up to the Universe. All I have to do is ‘nothing’ but allow it all to happen around me. ⁣

Yes, we need to use our super powers and be the energy we want to experience in our lives….and then we allow it to manifest. ⁣

Stay tuned. In the middle of December, I’ll be offering a 40-day energy practice. I will teach you 30 years of energy healing modalities so you can use them daily to bring to you the experiences you wish to have in this lifetime. ⁣

How does it get any better than that? It’s amazing…..⁣

Stay with me!

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