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Urgent, It’s Time for a Change

Showing up truly yourself is what we are all striving for. Yet how is it that that isn’t happening? How is it that you find yourself working for 37 years at the same job because your parents told you “you should do that and you’ll be happy” and yet you’re not?⁣

I witness my son in his 20s struggle with societal (and familial) expectations despite knowing somewhere on the inside that they don’t line up with who he truly is. ⁣

It’s painful to watch.⁣

I remember in my 30s I felt so misaligned even though I was doing work I enjoyed. I had a family, kids that I adored, a big house with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a nice town. And I felt this deep discomfort and knowing that something just wasn’t ‘right for me.’ ⁣

I felt impatient! Which now when I look back is kinda funny…I just knew there was more. I just didn’t know how to access it. ⁣

Thank God, the Universe and the powers that BE! I have always been divinely guided and I’m grateful to have followed the path I’ve been ushered down in order to get to where I am today, having just turned 56. :)⁣

Like me, you probably have discovered many things about yourself. And still, you know….there’s MORE. ⁣

With the holidays coming in December, I wonder how you are, or aren’t, embracing yourself, your gifts, and your intimate connections. ⁣

I’ve been keeping a secret from you that I’m ready to share with you. Every month I meet with an earnest, open, ready to thrive group of folx that are ready to LIVE FROM THEIR HEARTS; to be their true authentic spiritual selves and heal the past.⁣

Are you feeling like it’s time to really enjoy your life and all it has to offer?⁣
Are you ready to know more about your soul journey here, your purpose?⁣

You’ve been moving forward and growing, using the tools you know and things are good but not AMAZING?⁣


Have you hit a wall, the same old roadblock and you’re wondering if you’re going to keep spinning?⁣

Has your world gotten small since the pandemic and you didn’t even realize it until this moment?⁣

Maybe you’ve been playing it safe?⁣


It’s time to change all that!⁣

This Come Back To Love membership has started small and I’m now ready for a real launch! But…..not quite yet. I’m still offering it for the original price (and when it’s fully launched, the price will go up.)⁣

You’ll forgive me because the website hasn’t been upgraded yet either! But I wanted you to know….because you’re part of the CBTL community and you deserve the inside scoop!⁣

I invite you to join us around the holidays for good cheer, magical tools that will change your life, a celebratory toast to the rightness of you (even if it feels like ‘wrongness’) and a step in the direction of a life beyond this reality….that right now you may not even be able to see you but I promise you, it’s there!! Anything is possible! ⁣

Click HERE to register!⁣

And I’ll see you on Thursday, Dec 23rd at 6 pm EST (Your time in the world here.)

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