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Welcome to the NEW YOU!

From the Pacific ocean to the mountains in California, I wish you BLESSINGS on the NEW MOON that arrives this weekend. 

And with no surprise it brings with it the Jewish New Year starting Sunday evening (Rosh Hashonah) and it just so happens that the Hindu celebration of Navaratri begins today as well!!!!  It has all coalesced onto one gorgeous weekend of RENEWAL.  

Welcome to the NEW YOU!  

Welcome to the YOU that knows what true alignment is….that understands the texture of the true Self inside. 

Welcome to the NEW YOU that knows your heart — her desire, her grief, her anger, her LOVE, her holding of the world with the truest love possible.  

Welcome to the you who is ready to step in FULLY now after skirting around the edges and wondering who you are and what unique gift you have to share.  

Welcome to the NEW YOU who knows that the gift you have is who you truly are and without reservation, you understand it is not only wanted but NEEDED right now for the planet to fully wake up and HEAL itself.  

Welcome to the NEW YOU who knows how to LOVE themselves so well that every cell vibrates with that resonance and suddenly you find yourself surrounded by all the people, resources and situations that serve your peace. 

Welcome to the NEW YOU who is aware of the still quiet voice inside that is whispering its needs for healing.  Welcome to the NEW YOU who knows that those parts need love and embracing as well (not only the easy parts to love…).

Welcome to the NEW YOU that opens up with curiosity, loves the mystery and is able to stay present no matter what happens. 

Welcome to the NEW YOU that knows sexuality as an expression of life force energy for the soul and pleasure for the body (if you choose).  

Welcome to the NEW YOU that has clarity about this soul-filled life and is inspired to wake up and be present with what is…

Welcome to the NEW YOU that goes with the flow…


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