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What about what you truly desire?

Has anyone stopped to ask you what you truly desire? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what you truly desire?

What if you could erase everything that's in your life right now....the people, family, job, work, career, living situation, geographic location, even your body....

What would you put back into your life? Who would you put back in? (and notice if as you're choosing you're starting to feel guilt or shame....)

What if no one was around to judge you and even YOU weren't judging you....

THEN what would you choose?

This exercise may seem pretty extreme....but how much would you rather have freedom in your life to choose what you desire rather than be put upon by all the reality out there that may have already been chosen for you?

Take a moment to consider all the things put on you by your parents. What presumptive realities did they create for you in your life and then you decided that in order to be loved by them, you did what they wanted you to do?

How does that happen in relationships in your life? What do you notice?

When you don't have to twist yourself up, and make yourself different than who you truly are, you get something new and totally different. YOU GET YOU!

It's exhausting to try to be someone else.

I spent years with fatigue from my early 30s until my late 40s (almost 20 years) -- so exhausted all the time. Some days it was hard to get out of bed.

And granted, the fatigue was complex and the healing was equally as complex but it's GONE. Healed. Done. I'm so beyond grateful!!!

One thing I realize now years beyond the healing, I have FULL ENERGY when I am being myself and not trying to be anyone else or be LIKE anyone else!

So what do YOU truly desire? What does your BEING truly desire? What does your BODY truly desire?

So here is the deal: If you're ready for -

-A true change in the way you 'be' in the world
-To heal the broken heart of your past finally
-Something new, weird, powerful and potent!
-LOVE no matter what happens in your life....

Then your decision has already been made.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! YOU GET TO CHOOSE what you truly desire!

It's not easy at first...because clearing out all of the assumptions, presumptive realities and unconscious ways we try to fit in need to be cleared out first.

THEN you can choose what you truly desire and have way too much doing it.

Here's to celebrating LOVE + HEALING!

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