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What Others Think Of Me Is None Of My Business


is what I saw when I woke up this morning.

I had an experience of SELF LOVE this week that I wanted to share.


If you really knew me, you would know (and perhaps not believe) that I feel awkward many places I go. I feel out of it, not “normal” and different from everybody else many places I go in the world. 


Sometimes I still try to fit in. KNOW WHAT I MEAN?   Argh….I’m done trying to “fit in” – what does that mean anyway?  It means NOT BEING AUTHENTIC.  It means NOT being self-loving.  It means casting aside the REAL and RAW TRUTH and smiling and nodding my head instead.  


I was at a meeting at my daughter’s high school.  This is a very typical example of where I don’t feel like I fit in. 


(Honestly, I hate it and been trying for years to connect and find my tribe at these institutions – I know they’re there…just haven’t found them yet!) 


Something happened that seemed exclusionary….only truly inviting those that fit into a certain category.  Oh my — even more exclusion!!!  Said my parts that were already feeling disconnected….


Has this ever happened to you?  Anywhere in your life?  Something happens and you don’t agree, or you have a different opinion or you feel left out and you don’t speak up?   




So what did I do?  I hopped on the phone the next day and spoke my truth. My throat chakra opened up, I took a breath and shared honestly. 


She listened but stayed out of her own truth. The conversation didn’t drop into what we call a “heart to heart” — it was ME sharing my HEART out of deep respect and love for myself and my feelings. 


Much harder to do when someone stays out of their own heart.  It was business for her and that’s okay.  I left the conversation loving me and having compassion for her. 


I have a feeling most of you are nodding your heads.  You get it.  It takes A LOT to be TRULY AUTHENTIC.  But loving ourselves means being 100% TRULY AUTHENTIC in life.  


I invite you to challenge yourself TODAY to speak something you’ve been holding back…or something that comes up in the moment that needs to be said but you feel afraid….or like you’ll stand out in the crowd. 


In the past I would have been afraid to speak to this woman for fear she “wouldn’t like me”  – now I know that what she thinks of me is none of my business. 


And what I THINK OF ME – is absolutely my full-time job!   

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