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What would it be like if you started to acknowledge YOU?

What would it be like if you started to acknowledge YOU?

When I first started embarking on a spiritual path in earnest (12 years ago), my teacher reflected, “I don’t think you know how to receive!”  I was like….whaaat??? Me?  I know how to receive.

Hmmm but did I?  And what was receiving anyway?

Didn’t I get up every morning, make breakfast, get my kids off to school in a stressful move quicker please or we will be late effort….then come home and go to work?

I had clients. I had friends.  I had my kids.  I had a life.

But that wasn’t the question.  That wasn’t what Maureen, my teacher, was saying….but to be perfectly honest with you!  I didn’t know WHAT she was saying!!!!

I really didn’t.  RECEIVING?  How?  What?

I started to get it maybe 8 years later!  Yep.  I’m a fast learner in many ways but this one really had me stumped….

WHY?  Because I didn’t know how to ACKNOWLEDGE myself.  True.

I didn’t know that I was ‘supposed’ to do that — to acknowledge who I am, who I BE in the world, the contributions I make to myself, the earth, my children, family, my ex husband, my friends and clients. I didn’t know that I made contributions to people I have never met (in this life.)

So I didn’t know HOW.

But when I learned how and I started acknowledging myself and really getting who I am, who I BE – my whole world opened up!

Limited experiences became INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!  At work, at home, in my parenting, with money, travel and more….I started having a LOT OF FUN.

Is NOW the time to shake things up and wake up to your true self? It sure is!  I believe the survival of our planet depends on it.

What would it take to receive a gazillion MORE than you’re willing to receive?

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