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When I was 13 I Had No Choice

This morning I had a huge awareness and I wanted to share it with you.  As I share, the invitation is to listen to what shows up for you from your own life. 


When I was 13 years old - on my birthday - I heard a thought in my head telling me, "Now it's time to hate your body and go on a diet."  


Seriously, I'm not making that up....I told myself that was my new reality.  That it was required of me (no choice) in order to fit in with all the other teenage girls. 


You see, I wasn't willing to be different than them. I was ALREADY so different!  I was short, I had curly brown hair; I was Jewish and my family wasn't the picture of the Brady Bunch that everyone else seemed to have.  


So I went about the business of fitting in -- counting calories, being on the latest fad diet, drinking diet soda, complaining about my body and spending most of my energy focused on how I looked!  


Ugh it's so awful to even think about.  


But what I remembered this morning is that I didn't believe I had a CHOICE.  It seemed like the command of God at the time! 


There are so many things like that in our lives....can you think of things you did in your life because it was "the" thing to do...or seemed like the right thing to do...or simply because everyone else was doing it? 


What about getting married and having kids?  Buying a house in the suburbs?  Getting a stable job? 


How about eating 3 meals a day with a snack in between?  Do you do that because you want to fit in with our culture that pretty much does the same?  


What if everything is the opposite of what it seems?  What if there were only questions, instead of blindly moving forward?  


What if you knew that you had a CHOICE with everything and everyone?  What if every 10 seconds or every 10 minutes, you could make a different CHOICE? 


What if you could choose and then change your mind and choose something (or someone) else?  


Join me Tuesday, March 7 at 12 pm EST for a 90 minute workshop and discussion on this very important topic:  How Different Are You Willing to Be?   (and all the CHOICES we have about that!)  Your GLOBAL TIME here.


Here's to CHOICE  and being who we truly are.

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