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You are here because you care about love.  You know that you have something to give and share. You know you have love to give. You know that love makes the world a better place. 

But to have that love, you also know that there is healing to do. You know that there is still pain from the past, fear of losing again.  You know that in some ways you still feel shut down. Which means you must find...your heart....again. 

I am here to support you.




Are you ready to take the initial steps to get unstuck and find love again?

It's not over.

You were not meant to live this life alone. 

Craving connection is normal, human.

Are you wondering why you don't have a partner?

Are you yearning for some intimacy and connection?

Alone too often?

Join me for a gentle heart opening and discover...

 What is truly keeping you stuck and not in that you can actually have what you want!

 One tool that allows the stress and worry to genuinely fade you don't spend all of your energy on negative thinking.

 The secret to attraction (it isn't what you think)....and when you use this tool, you'll have the resources to change your reality. 

 That what you've been doing all these years to heal has only been part of the story.....and now you'll have all of what you require to heal more completely. 

 An authentic connection with that you can choose well for yourself (how many times have you made a not-so-good choice in love?) 


And so much more!

The way that most of you have been taught to heal your past has only addressed one of four vital components to healing. It's no wonder patterns keep repeating themselves, huh?  

You’ve most likely figured out already that this doesn’t actually work. 

It didn't work for me either. 

That's why when the Come Back To Love path revealed itself after 40 years of personal and professional healing, I knew I had to stop everything and share it with as many people as possible!

Now it's your turn.

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Meet Robyn


I am an International Love and Intimacy Expert and the Founder of Come To Love®.

After I lost my partner in 2008, I didn’t know if I was ever going to be able to love again or even live a happy life.

Truth is, it wasn't just my partner who died. I was crushed after losing both of my parents way too young.

Experiencing such intense loss caused me to feel afraid much of the time, and anxious.  Most days it felt hard to get out of bed.

Today, I can honestly say that my life is filled with love. I feel happy when I wake up in the morning. I went from feeling like I must've done something wrong, that I deserved all that pain, to knowing how amazing I am; and what a contribution I am to the world, my family, and my community of students and clients.

I am connected with a global community and have beautifully deep intimacy in my life. 

After growing up in a dysfunctional family and then finding a path to a life of unbridled joy, love, and peace, I am passionately dedicated to supporting others do the same. 

I invite you to join me on this deeply healing and sacred path.


This is your first step. 


Let's do it together…

Welcome to Find Your Heart...


In this high-content LIVE Daylong Retreat with Robyn on Friday, April 26, 2024. 

You are going to learn how to cultivate true healing of the past that allows you to move forward into a relationship with integrity, clarity and confidence.

This is your first step into the deep dive of the Come Back To Love® path.  


Find Your Heart® 
is for you - if you are single and trauma is blocking you from being in relationship.

 It's about Love. And love is for everyone.

Come and Explore...

Your own heart and what makes it tick and what makes you run and hide. You can heal, you can recover from your past, you can fall in love and stay there.

I will be integrating and sharing 40 years of personal and professional experience addressing matters of the heart. I am known for my compassion, warmth, humor, clarity, and acute awareness of the Truth.

After an extraordinary amount of loss in my life, I have recovered the resiliency required to feel safe enough to open my heart and deeply love. There is so much to be learned about this complex human experience.

"Thanks so much for taking such a beautiful stand for LOVE. It keeps me in the flow of love too." - LC, United States

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After this program, you won’t have to feel uncertain, uncomfortable, or unsure about stepping out and opening your heart to love.



Here is what’s covered in each module

What to Expect

This is a live class that is supported by pre-recorded training calls. There'll be time for QA + Individual Coaching during our day together.

 5+ hours of pre-recorded class time

 LIVE QA + Coaching with Robyn

 Plenty of time for sharing and questions

 Private Group for ongoing support

 Lifetime access to the teaching

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Whether You Are Looking for Your Partner, Struggling In A Relationship Or Just Simply Want To Feel Happier.

Find Your Heart® will invite you to experience PEACE after struggling for so long with how to be truly successful in life and love. You need the foundational tools first, though and this course will bring them to you with ease and some fun!

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Here’s What People Are Saying… 

You have an extraordinary gift. Thank you so much, Robyn!!


Robyn is helping me to recognize the importance of taking excellent care of myself. The experience helped me to reconnect with my heart and in turn, I am learning to connect with the hearts of my loved ones.


Through her years of experience and self-work, Robyn developed a facilitation style that encourages and inspires Love to show up. Her workshops and retreats invite Love to come out of its hiding place.
I especially appreciate Robyn’s natural ability to read a group in the moment and intuitively shift towards the next exercise or experience that wants to happen. And to provide a safe space for that exploration to happen. Thank you Robyn!



Only $97 for an entire day!


Immediate access to recordings upon registration.

Learn the potent tools of the Come Back To Love path and begin practicing today. When you know how to align with yourself, all areas of your life open up. Heal the broken heart of your past and Come Back To Love to yourself and those you care about.

All you have to do is choose it.


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