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These Workshops Are Not For You

Dear Person Who Comes To My Workshops Only To Get Turned On, Have Sex or Find Someone To Have Sex With,

These workshops aren't for you. 

I's not that straightforward.  It's much more complex than I am making it sound thus far.   So let me back up a bit...

I'm Robyn Vogel and my business (and lifetime mantra) is called Come Back To Love.  I lead tantra-informed, trauma-sensitive retreats, classes and workshops for those ready to find the LOVE inside themselves that's always been there but got tainted or lost because of traumas and heartbreak.  

Most people have forgotten who they truly are and I am delighted to be part of the path of remembrance for them, for us, for all.  

Monthly I lead a workshop called an Intimate Puja Circle.  It attracts 25-40 people who come for a variety of reasons.  You may recognize many of these reasons:

  • Looking for LOVE and partnership 
  • Craving touch 
  • Happy to have finally found community or tribe of like-minded people
  • Want to learn more about Tantra 
  • Feeling lonely and disconnected 
  • Want to get unstuck and create connection instead 
  • Desire to learn more about Intimacy and what it is 
  • Are in relationship and wanting to spice things up with an infusion of energy 
  • Healing after loss - divorce, death, separation  
  • Healing after the isolation of covid 
  • Like to try new things and someone suggested this/me 
  • Tantra is your spiritual practice and you appreciate practicing together 
  • And more.....

For me the Intimate Puja Circles + Weekend Retreats + Destination Weeklong Retreats are Sacred.  They are an opportunity to explore life in the fullest sense...without leaving parts of you behind.  Because the meditations, exercises and invitations open up space for you to invite your body to be present, to invite spirit to be present, and to invite your heart to feel safe enough to OPEN....this brings the SACRED clearly to the forefront of your life. 

Now here's the thing.  I understand that people come to Come Back To Love events and retreats for a variety of reasons and sex and sexual energy is clearly one of them....because why not?  Sexual energy is's juicy, it's fun, it's delicious, it's life-giving and life-affirming.  It's playful, curious, magical, mystical...and more. 

And those are all good reasons to choose something!  They are also good reasons to choose Come Back To Love path as well but for me when someone chooses to come only to get off, or to get turned on, or to put their energy forward in a way that makes others know who you are.....and this work and my work is not for you.  

Take a moment to think about WHY you are here (on my website or reading my blog post.)  Really look inside and ask yourself that question because I also know that people come for something they think they WANT and leave with something they truly, deeply need and desire:  Deep and Sacred Connection.  

I have heard this time and again from folks who come to a class and stay for a transformation. 

Maybe that is it right there....I am interested in being with people who are ready for and desiring transformation.  Healing. Coming back to their HEARTS in the deepest loving and true way possible. I know everyone is on their own path and everyone has their own pace when it comes to the soul's journey.  I honor and respect you and your pace.  

But if you asked yourself the question of why you come, and you honestly feel it's about getting sex, having sex, finding a sex partner....I respect that too.  I'll just say that you're likely in the wrong place. There's a lot of confusion about what Tantra is and I invite you to look more deeply into the East and Western practices.  I invite you to study and learn more.  

If you are here just for sex with no interest in the Sacred, or in Healing or Transformation, perhaps swipe left and choose another Path.  This one is not for you.  

Without judgment and with clarity....I wish you all LOVE no matter what!


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