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Imagine this….

Imagine this….close your eyes and imagine a world (your world) where being successful in life was measured by how much and how fully you loved yourself (and were able to receive that love.) 

Let’s dive into a futuristic scene perhaps where that’s the case. Maybe it’s even measured in percentages but none-the-less it’s measured and understood by others. 

Back up to today for a moment and remember how we can tell that someone is successful in life. More typically we are judging their wealth — we notice what type of car they drive, or how big their house is. We may notice the jewelry they’re wearing or the brand of clothing. Fancy shoes and handbag perhaps?  

Maybe these things aren’t obvious to you but you see their name out there on the internet, they’ve written many books, are speaking at highly acclaimed engagements; they seem famous on Facebook!   

Back to the future now…our eyes only see success, our bodies only ‘feel’ other people’s success in life by how humble they are; how self assured they are; how much self agency they have. Perhaps in the future a percentage appears over their heads that you can read, “Today Robyn is loving herself 85%”   — LOL.  Maybe another day, “Today Robyn is loving herself 58%……uh oh.”  

And let’s say that this percentage of loving yourself was directly correlated with having what you want in your life — whatever those things may be — a partner, a beautiful home, enough money to travel to places around the world.  

How hard would you work at loving yourself if that was the criteria – the symbol – the necessary piece – to RECEIVE what you desire in life?

Hmm???  Tell me!

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