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Preparing Your Heart for Lasting Love

Those of you that have delved deeper into the profound teachings of ‘Come Back To Love’, you are continuously reminded (by me!) of the importance of inner healing and self-discovery on your healing journey. Today, I'd like to explore a topic close to my heart – the need to heal before embarking on a long-term loving relationship…..thus the Heal Your Heart program was born.


In the sacred space of our community, we often celebrate the beauty of intimacy and connection, honoring the divine dance of the energies. However, true love begins within ourselves. Before we can fully open our hearts to another, we must be on the journey of healing and self-love.


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Here are a few reflections on why doing your inner work is essential before entering into a long-term relationship…..


Healing Past Wounds: Each of us carries wounds from past experiences – heartbreaks, betrayals, and disappointments. These wounds can create walls and barriers to intimacy and trust in relationship. By embarking on the healing journey, you can confront these wounds with compassion and courage, allowing yourself to release old pain and open your heart to love.


Self-Love and Worthiness: Loving yourself is the foundation of all healthy relationships. When you cultivate a deep sense of self-love and worthiness, you no longer seek validation or fulfillment from others. Instead, you approach relationship from a place of wholeness, offering love freely without expecting anything in return. I know this is a tall order but entirely possible! When you are filled up, there isn’t a need to take from others.


Emotional Resilience: Building emotional resilience is crucial for navigating the challenges that arise in any relationship. Through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection, you can develop the inner strength and clarity needed to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and weather the storms of life together. This is such a relief when you have the skills and tools to use to make this happen.


Authenticity and Vulnerability: Authenticity and vulnerability are the cornerstones of deep connection and intimacy. When you do your inner work, you gain the courage to be truly yourself in relationship, sharing your joys, fears, and insecurities with openness and honesty. This vulnerability creates a safe space fostering connection built on trust and compassion.


Manifesting True Partnership: By healing your heart and embracing your true self (flaws and all!) you align with the frequency of love and abundance, allowing you to attract partners who resonate with your highest values. Instead of continuing to repeat patterns of attracting a mis-aligned partner, you can magnetize relationship that aligns with and supports you on your journey of growth and evolution.


Let’s remember that the most sacred union is the one we cultivate within ourselves. By honoring our own healing journey, we lay the foundation for deep and fulfilling relationship that nourish our souls and expand our hearts!!


And that is the most amazing miracle!


To learn more about the upcoming Heal Your Heart Program, I invite you to hop on the phone with me for a no-strings attached conversation about what’s happening in your love life right now. Click here to access my personal calendar.


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